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Retrieving fabrication data from Advance Workshop


The Fabrication category in GRAITEC Advance PowerPack provides a connection to GRAITEC Advance Workshop:

  • The Export command creates NC files and generates a SMLX export (a single file), which can be seamlessly imported into Advance Workshop. The SMLX file includes the complete model geometry and all the single part NC files required for fabrication.


  • The Check Status command checks the fabrication status of Autodesk® Advance Steel model assemblies based on reports from GRAITEC Advance Workshop.
To use the command:
  • Save and number your Autodesk® Advance Steel model;
  • Generate NC files from your model and import them into Advance Workshop;
  • Process the files in Advance Workshop, according to your needs;
  • In Advance Workshop, Production Manager tab, select the Work Progress command, load your order and click the AS Export button. The result is an .xml file containing the status with work progress.
  • n PowerPack, apply the Check Status command to import the .xml file. Depending on their status (according to the information in the imported file), the model assemblies will be marked by specific colors.
  • Apply the Clear marking command to clear a color marking previously set from Check status.

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