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GRAITEC Advance Design - BIM software for FEM structural analysisAdvance Design is a complete solution for the analysis of complex structures by the finite elements method. To ensure a high standard of excellence for its users, it provides a wide range of functions specialized in advanced CAD modeling, meshing, calculation, expert design and results post-processing.


Advance Design was specifically developed for industry professionals that require a superior solution for the structural analysis and design of Reinforced Concrete, Steel and Timber structures according to the last versions of the Eurocodes, North American, Canadian, and Italian codes.



Welcome to the Advance Design online Help. Here you will find useful information on how to effectively use our product and will learn to perform various tasks, such as:


  • Model your structure with the assistance of various CAD tools (workplane, coordinate systems, snap modes, etc.) and CAD functions (extrude, subdivide, trim, extend, create symmetries, etc.)

  • Input structure assumptions (materials, cross sections, loadings, analysis types)

  • Create a mesh using two powerful mesh engines (Advanced and Standard Mesh)

  • Calculate the structure using a new generation solver engine

  • View the results choosing from a large set of visualization options

  • Calculate and optimize reinforced concrete, steel and timber structures according to standard regulations

  • Generate calculation reports using a variety of predefined result tables


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