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Timber Design

Timber structures can be modeled, analyzed and automatically optimized within the same interface


In the construction field, timber material is getting more and more market shares. Timber design becomes more complex with the application of the Eurocode 5.

  • A large number of CAD functions are available for the easy modeling of timber structures and the definition of the timber elements properties.
  • The verification - a complex, but fast process, even if the structure has a high degree of complexity - offers a competent diagnosis of your model.
  • The optimization saves a large amount of time and provides solutions perfectly adapted to the defined conditions.

Implementation of Eurocodes 5

The Timber Expert performs the analysis and optimization of timber elements according to Eurocodes 5 (EN1995-1-1 & 1-2) with the following national appendixes:

  • General
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • Romania
  • Germany
  • Czech Republic
  • Poland
  • Slovakia


Complete customization of timber element properties

The properties list for timber elements includes "Service class", "Humidity percentage" and all the required parameters for deflection verification


Detailed calculation assumptions

The calculation assumptions referring to the timber attributes can be defined for each element or a selection of elements, using the corresponding element(s) properties list.

For a faster and more secure definition of the timber elements properties, you can define design templates that can be applied on a selection of elements. Several design templates can be used in the same model. The design templates can be saved as XML files and used in different projects.

GRAITEC Advance Design | Timber Design

       Defining design templates

A simple dialog box, with different chapters, allows you to easily manage all the calculation assumptions: design checks, optimization parameters, buckling length parameters, calculation sequences, etc.

The design assumptions can be modified any time, in the modeling step and in the analysis step as well.

GRAITEC Advance Design | Timber Design

Defining the timber calculation assumptions

Accurate timber verification

GRAITEC Advance Design | Timber Design

Fire resistance results

The timber expert performs the timber verification and provides access to results for safety coefficients, deflections, buckling, the cross section strength, the element stability, the fire verification and suggests timber shapes optimization solutions.

The command line provides information about each step of the process. If errors are found during the calculation, the verification messages are displayed on the command line along with the IDs of the elements to which the messages refer.
When the calculation process is completed, you have access to advanced result verification and a multitude of tools for customizing the display of the graphic results in the most suitable way.

Fast and reliable fire verification

Advance Design can also perform the fire verification of timber elements, according to §4.2.2 of EN 1995-1-2 or §4.2.3 of EN 1995-1-2. You can easily define the fire exposure period and the faces exposed to fire.

Definition of exposed faces for a timber member

GRAITEC Advance Design | Timber Design

Maximize the efficiency of the materials used in the project

The optimization process offers solutions for an efficient management of the materials used in the project.

The Timber Expert compares the work ratio of the timber elements and proposes (if necessary) more adequate cross sections, that would correspond to the defined conditions. For better visualization, the elements with a higher / lower work ratio than specified are displayed in red.

Suggested solutions for cross section optimization of timber elements

The suggested shapes can be globally or partially accepted.
You have full control of the optimization conditions: you can define the optimization mode, the suggestions process, etc.

GRAITEC Advance Design | Timber Design | Timber structures can be modeled, analyzed and automatically optimized within the same interface

Complete calculation reports

The shape sheets command allows you to view all the available results for a timber element: cross section properties, deflections, strength, stability and fire resistance, in one dialog box.

You can generate a report with these results starting from the element's shape sheet.

The timber verification report offers a complete diagnosis of the model in different outputs: tables, texts, graphical post-processing. The report can be customized to suit your requirements: configure the aspect and the structure of your report (i.e., cover sheet, summary, chapters, page breaks, etc.), add text and images, define the appearance and content of the available tables.

Automatic update of the calculation reports

Once the report content has been defined, there is no need to recreate the calculation report when there is a change in the model. Advance Design automatically updates all the report content, including post-processing views, results curves, and member sheets while preserving all the settings previously made.

Enabling the reports update when launching a new analysis model

GRAITEC Advance Design | Timber Design

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