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CIS/2 Compatibility

Advance Steel is highly compliant with the latest CIS/2 standard


CIS/2 export options

GRAITEC Autodesk Advance Steel | CIS/2 Compatibility | CIS/2 export options

With CIS/2 interface, Autodesk Advance Steel enables companies to exchange data easily with all CIS/2 compatible steel software applications.

The official CIS/2 web site lists all the vendors acknowledged as compatible with the exchange format.

CIS/2 files (extension *.stp) can be imported to Autodesk Advance Steel, modified using the various functionalities of the software and then exported back to CIS/2.

Export options

The entire model can be exported to CIS/2, or just a model selection. Two model types are available: Fabrication and Analysis.

GRAITEC Autodesk Advance Steel | CIS/2 Compatibility | Export options

Convertion table for CIS/2 format

Some profiles (especially AISC profiles) have been entered in a conversion table for a good communication with the CIS/2 format.

Objects of a CIS/2 file can be mapped to VRML files. This allows 3D viewing using free available browsers.

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