Accelerate your BIM adoption with Graitec BIMUp.

Graitec’s BIMUp offering has been designed for those that are entering the BIM arena for the first time, or for those who have tried BIM but have not yet found a successful roll out plan.

With help from one of the world’s largest BIM providers with access to over 200 professionals, BIMUp takes you through the preparation, documentation and execution of a BIM project working on areas such as the technology, training, standards, collaboration and delivery of a BIM Project.

Whether you are an Architect, Engineer, Consultant or a contractor, you can feel safe in the knowledge that Graitec has successfully rolled out BIM with 1000’s of companies worldwide, and a succesful outcome of your BIM journey is the foundation and measurement of our own success.

How Can Graitec BIMUp help with your BIM Success?

The internet is littered with articles about BIM these days, which on the face of things is great news for anybody doing background research. However, the reality is that every business faces a different journey and different challenges along the way.

Sadly whilst there is a plethora of useful information to help, bringing it all together in a cohesive strategy is the biggest challenge of all and many companies waste huge amounts of money and time in the discovery, plan, re-discover and re-plan cycle. Quite often still not achieving their goal.

Having a strong and viable plan is widely acknowledged as the quickest route to get you where you want or need to be. This is precisely why we have developed the Graitec BIMUp strategy; to give you a robust plan that has the flexibility to adapt to your own internal needs and challenges, but still achieve the five pillars of BIM at a pace that suits your particular business requirements.

5 Pillars of BIMUp

BIM Technology Implementation Methodology


  • Assessment days to understand and validate your business requirements


  • The proposal of technology and services


  • Present the proposal to the KEY Management staff in your organisation


  • Our delivery of the proposal and expected outcomes

BIM Training

Product Specific Training
  • Product fundamental training
  • Advanced training
  • Modular style training for larger groups of existing users
  • Product specific training
BIM Training
  • BIM Awareness training for all divisions of the business including Managers
  • BIM Training specific to technical delivery teams
  • Project support around BIM projects

BIM Management

Project Configuration

  • Working with you on ‘how to’ approach for successful projects
  • Setting up the coordinates, standards, templates and associated documentation
  • Best practices for working with external consultants

Interdisciplinary Coordination

  • Sharing models with an internal team and multi-office
  • Setting up workflows and processes

Audit Reviews

  • Auditing workflows and processes
  • Auditing models, drawings and deliverables
  • Checking models against the agreed documentation

BIM Documentation Library

  • Coaching around delivering all aspects of documentation
  • Defining the ‘right’ documents for specific projects

BIM Standards Deployment

Standards, Manuals & Templates

  • Coaching on the development of all BIM Documentation
  • Training ‘best practices’ on using the documentation

Process & Workflow Documentation

  • Running workshops to understand the existing business processes
  • Mapping out existing and new methodologies
  • Developing the supporting documentation

Modelling Techniques

  • Understanding the objective for the model and aligning
  • Aligning to standards and data requirements
  • Incorporating COBie and IFC challenges

Collaboration Methods

  • Working with your supply chain to deliver a successful project
  • Running workshops on coordinating projects


Understanding methodologies around CDE’s
  • Project and business specific
Linking internal DM Systems to External CDE’s
  • Setting up the internal systems & methodologies to align to a BIM Deliverable
  • Creating a workflow between the Internal and External system
Successfully implementing a CDE System
  • Aligning BIM360 Docs to the CDE requirements
Setting up the processes and workflows
  • Implementing the changes to the workflows
  • Assisting in the creation of documentation

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