eVolve MEP software solutions

Improve Profitability and Visibility for Trade Contractors by Aligning Teams on a Single Platform

eVolve helps mechanical, electrical and plumbing contractors and teams automate construction design workflows and facilitates material prefabrication and fabrication for increased revenue, improved productivity, enhanced quality, and a stronger workforce.

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Powerful Software Built by MEP Industry Leaders and Contractors, for Contractors!

eVolve MEP solutions help your organization scale your detaillling process in Revit, reduce project risk and cost, enables faster detailer workflow, make smarter use of skilled labor, reduce errors, produce higher quality, and ultimately drive more projects.

eVolve MEP products include: eVolve Electricad, eVolve Mechanical, eVolve Materials and 360 Sync

eVolve MEP – Product overviews

eVolve MEP software solutions | GRAITEC CANADA

eVolve Electrical

eVolve Electrical is a best-in-class, all-in-one Revit plug-in solution that helps dramatically reduce modeling time.

Easily migrate to and quickly maximize your investment in Revit.

The savviest detailing departments leverage technology to accomplish more work in less time. eVolve Electrical software creates an easy-to-use Revit experience for our end user and produces a level of accuracy that is needed to efficiently fabricate and construct your projects.

From constructible BIM workflows to automated spooling, eVolve Electrical gives companies the tools they need to finish projects on time and within budget.

Industry changing features include “Smart Bend”, “Hanger Placement”, “Spooling”, “Family Browser”, “Conduite Run Schedule” and “Conduit Optimize Bend Tools” help automate detailing tasks and model with standardized content.

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eVolve Mechanical

With eVolve Mechanical, mechanical detailers can easily make the move to Revit. This software solution enables faster detailer workflow, makes smarter use of skilled labor, helps reduces errors, produce higher quality, and ultimately more projects

eVolve Mechanical is easy to use and will feel familiar to CADmep users.

As an extension of Revit Fabrication, your team  can use eVolve Mechanical with your existing CADmep database. Additionally, the customized Revit Fabrication training course has helped hundreds of companies and thousands of users make the transition. The end result? On an average, customers are up and running on eVolve Mechanical in three days.

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eVolve MEP software solutions | GRAITEC CANADA
eVolve MEP software solutions | GRAITEC CANADA

eVolve Materials

Win the Materials Race: Align Your Departments and Supply Chain
Your organization can easily determine material needs based on accurate intelligence to enable efficient installation. Unlike any other software, eVolve Materials starts with a bill of materials (BOM) created in Revit or other sources instead of a purchase order and connects project manager, foreman, project designer, buyer, warehouse, fabrication manager, and suppliers with real-time information.

You can easily create project BOMs and kits as well as process hold for release orders and requisitions. BOMs are directly imported from Revit.

Whether your pulling from the Revit model or ordering new materials in the field, this solution has got you covered.

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360 Sync

360 Sync™ automatically transfers, organizes and archives project files across applications.

Simple. Smart. Powerful.

Your entire team can now share constantly updated information from multiple platforms and applications. Available through an affordable, unlimited access license, 360 Sync takes less than 30 minutes to set up and then works behind-the-scenes, so you never have to think about file management again.

360 Sync™ Integrates Across Multiple Platforms

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eVolve MEP software solutions | GRAITEC CANADA

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