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IDEA StatiCa is an industry-leading steel connection design software



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Why IDEA StatiCa ?

  • A huge database of pre-designed 2D/3D connections, footings, CHS and HSS connections, steel-to-timber,
  • Quick modeling and design of any bolted and welded connections
  • Thorough AISC/EN checks, including buckling, stiffness analysis, design resistance, and seismic
  • Fully customizable reports with equations and pictures that sel

Improvements for steel connection design and member analysis

  • Surface – all around new cutting method
  • Lateral-Torsional Restraint at the member with defined stiffness
  • Baseplate connection without anchors
  • Material library and code checks update
  • Curve export to DXF
  • Plate and weld clash check
  • Contact can be set alongside weld
  • Connection Browser: Properties, parameters, and filtering
  • Timber connections: show angle to grains

Get 30% discount on all new IDEA StatiCa licenses

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5 Benefits of IDEA StatiCa

  • Calculate the complex assemblies that were roughly estimated yesterday
  • What was calculated in a week with mechanical FEM software is optimised in half a day
  • Visual presentation of results that highlight behaviours that were overlooked
  • Automatic checks of plates, bolts, welds, and anchor rods according to North American codes
  • BIM links with Advance Design, Advance Steel, Autodesk Robot, etc.
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