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Remarkable Cable Structures Using Advance Design

30 November 2023Advance Design, BIM, construction, Structural designGRAITEC Expert

Cable structure elements are geometrically nonlinear, and hence we need a nonlinear solver in order to analyze this kind of…

How to Establish a Standardized Revit Family Library

14 November 2023Collaboration, productivity, RevitGRAITEC Expert

GRAITEC PowerPack for Revit provides several features that allow you to establish and manage a dynamic family library seamlessly within…

Harnessing the Power of Digitizing Quantity Takeoffs in Bluebeam

24 August 2023Business, productivityGRAITEC Expert

Traditional manual methods of quantifying materials and estimating costs have given way to modern digital tools that streamline the process…

How to Define User Coordinate System in Advance Design

17 August 2023Advance Design, Structural designGRAITEC Expert

When using Advance Design, in some cases we may need to build our model or study results using a specific…

How to use Clone Drawings for an Unmatchable Productivity Boost

24 July 2023Innovations, PowerPack, productivity, RevitGRAITEC Expert

A Clone Drawings tool is now part of Graitec's PowerPack for Revit 2024. This productivity-boosting feature allows you to instantly…

Why Investment in Sustainable Water Supplies is Becoming Critical

12 July 2023SustainabilityGRAITEC Expert

businesses and communities are investing in new, sustainable forms of water supply to ensure safe drinking water, as well as…

How to change Revit MEP fittings part type (P-traps)

27 January 2023BIM, Revit, Technical supportGRAITEC Expert

Changing Revit MEP fittings part type is especially useful when placing P-Traps in plumbing and piping layouts. See this tip…

Revit MEP Wye Fittings

20 January 2023BIM, Revit, Technical supportGRAITEC Expert

Find out all there is to know about using standard Revit MEP Wye Fittings and important routing preferences and settings…

How to Use Spreadsheets in Graitec Advance Design

9 January 2023Advance Design, Structural design, TrainingGRAITEC Expert

Delivery of detailed and comprehensive results and reports is a vital part of any engineering project. These documents can be…

Revit MEP Template – Project browser

6 January 2023BIM, Revit, Technical supportGRAITEC Expert

Wondering what you should have in an Revit Template for MEP? In Part 1 we discuss the project browser and…

Advance Design: How to define or modify annotations and tooltips

22 December 2022Advance Design, Structural design, TrainingGRAITEC Expert

In Graitec Advance Design there are two different ways of displaying the element properties which can avoid checking the dialog…

Learn about 3 Advance Steel Checking Tools you Absolutely Need to Master

20 December 2022Advance Steel, TrainingGRAITEC Expert

Feel confident your model is free of errors by using these 3 Advance Steel checking tools throughout your design process…

General Advance Steel Model Maintenance

19 December 2022Advance Steel, TrainingGRAITEC Expert

In our blog section, we cover the step-by-step process when it comes to General Advance Steel Model Maintenance.

Autodesk Desktop App for updates and security patches

16 December 2022InstallationGRAITEC Expert

The Autodesk Desktop App delivers updates and security patches to all 2015 and later versions of Microsoft Windows-based Autodesk products.…

How to separate and join Advance Steel Project Explorer tabs

12 December 2022Advance Steel, TrainingGRAITEC Expert

Watch the video to learn how to Separate and Join the Advance Steel Project Explorer Structures and Workplanes tabs.

ACC Takeoff Video – PDF export, legend and switcher

9 December 2022Autodesk Construction CloudGRAITEC Expert

Autodesk Construction Cloud Takeoff Video - PDF export with Takeoff legend and switcher

Top things you will love in PowerPack for Advance Steel 2023.1

8 November 2022Advance Steel, PowerPackGRAITEC Expert

This video provides a high-level look at some of Graitec's PowerPack for Advance Steell new product features and enhancements like…

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