General Advance Steel Model Maintenance

19 December 2022Advance Steel, TrainingAdvance Steel



by Sophia Li

General Advance Steel Model Maintenance

The following is the procedure for general model maintenance in Advance Steel (purging out unnecessary objects and auditing to fix errors). You should do the Audit portion every day to minimize error build ups and Purge every week, and do Model Checks as needed:

1-PURGE >> expand blocks to see if there are any blocks listed other than the default _ArchTick and _Oblique. If there are, select Blocks and hit Purge (very important to purge only the blocks).

general-advance-steel-model-maintenance image 1

2-PURGE. You want to purge Regapps, Zero-length geometry, Empty text objects, and Orphaned data- you will need to run -PURGE 4 times to do this. When you run the -PURGE command, you can simply click on the item in the command line or type the letter and hit Enter. When you are purging Regapps, hit Enter for the first prompt and No for the second prompt.

general-advance-steel-model-maintenance image 2

3- AUDIT. Hit Yes to fix all errors.

4- ASTORAUDIT. This switches to audit other objects (ex. if the first audit is set to Audit by AutoCAD only, it switches to Audit by Advance only, and vice versa).

5- AUDIT. Hit Yes to fix all errors.

6-MODEL CHECK: Run Model Check from the Home tab. If there are any errors, you can use the Fix All Errors to try to automatically fix the errors.

general-advance-steel-model-maintenance IMAGE 3
general-advance-steel-model-maintenance IMAGE 4

Advance Steel Technical Support

For help with downloading, installing, activating or using Autodesk Advance Steel software, please contact the GRAITEC helpdesk. or take a look at our Advance Steel training classes.

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