Autodesk Account: Learn How to Add Users & Assign software

3 March 2023Technical support, Trainingaccount management, autodesk, users



Autodesk account: Who is the license manager (Admin) for you company?

One of the biggest support questions we (still) get is regarding a user not having access to particular software. When we dig into it, the user in question hasn’t been assigned the software by the admin in the company Autodesk Account. The next problem is, typically, that the Admin for the company doesn’t know they’re an admin and that they have to assign users at all!

Autodesk accounts are based on named users

Autodesk made the switch to a named user account from a serial number several years ago and all new software purchased is only accessible by signing in with your Autodesk ID. Although the Autodesk Admin portal has gone through a range of looks and updates since the original launch, it’s format has been fairly stable for a little while now and they’re slowly adding new functionality while tweaking the layout a bit. Generally, it’s much easier to navigate than it used to be. Some might even say “intuitive”!

To add users and assign Autodesk software, you must be an Admin

Adding a user requires Admin access to the company’s Autodesk Account – This is usually the person who buys the software but often does not use it. They can assign another user or users as a Primary or Secondary admin if they do not want to manage the software assignments. Once internal admin permissions are determined, the users can be added and assigned software.

Each user must have their own Autodesk account and login credientials

One issue I see often is that a company will have a smaller number of users and they are all logging into the software using the same account – typically the admin’s account – since that person isn’t using it. There are a number of problems to this “solution” – not the least of which being it is technically against your license agreement!  If this is your current situation, it’s best for everyone involved to get themselves sorted so everyone has individual access to software assigned through the Autodesk Account portal.

This video is an 8 minute overview of the portal, and specifically targets how to add users and assign them software.

Autodesk Account: Learn How to Add Users & Assign software | GRAITEC CANADA

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