BIM Compliant Document Management for Architects and Engineers

3 March 2020BIMBlog


BIM Compliant Document Management for Architects and Engineers

No matter if you already have a good basic understanding of the current suite of 1192 documents and ISO 19650, or you are just starting to investigate the standard, you will probably have some outstanding questions around defining the most cost-effective way forward that not only ensures you implement robust BIM compliant ISO 19650 data management standards within your business, but also gives you the opportunity to massively reduce your internal document management costs.

Typical questions being asked across the industry include:

  • What does ISO 19650 mean to our business?
  • How does it impact our current workflows?
  • What benefits will it bring to my organisation?
  • How can I ensure our document control processes are fully BIM compliant?
  • How can I save money and automate my documentation management procedures?

How Does ISO 19650 Help Us, in Canada?

In simple terms, ISO 19650 1 & 2 helps by driving the implementation of robust BIM data practices and provides guidelines and recommendations on process improvements, that help to create better structured data environments to help reduce the unnecessary costs we typically see throughout design and build.

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In the future, ISO 19650 3 & 5 will help the management of information during the operational phase of assets, and the adoption of a security-minded approach to the management of information relating to sensitive assets.

Within the EU Task Group the UK has set a high standard and is certainly leading the race compared to other global markets. This has primarily been promoted by an aggressive UK government mandate that is forcing compliance for capital projects on the one hand but has also served as a catalyst for BIM adoption by other stakeholders looking to reduce construction costs.

The 1192 suite of standards have helped define a good process but in the UK. A fundamental aspect of BIM is effective collaboration and what is effective for the UK is not necessarily right for other markets.

Trade can be global and throughout the world we have different cultures and ways of doing the same thing. Therefore, ISO have adapted the standards to create an international code everyone can follow.

This standard not only gives organisations a golden opportunity to update their processes around information management but at the same time adopt a more simplified and common approach to drawing and document control.


Make your Document Management System work for you.

A structured data approach also allows us to implement a drawing & document management software solution for Architects and Engineers that helps to drive quality data processes that are compliant to BIM Level 2 as set out in ISO 19650.

Standards are great if you get it right up front, as it opens the gate to the automation of your document management systems, allowing you to massively accelerate manual tasks such as the speed of creating files and documentation, getting access to the right information quicker, reducing internal costs and collaborating more effectively both internally and externally to name a few benefits.

Data Management Software that meets your needs

Opentree is a market leading electronic data management system that comes pre-configured with an ISO 19650 workflow that eradicates very time-consuming manual data and document management tasks that are extremely costly for Architect or Engineers to manage during their day to day manual work in progress process.

To find out more about Opentree WIP document management click on the button below to book a call and we’ll be in contact as soon as possible to help you explore the benefits it delivers.

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