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Remarkable Cable Structures Using Advance Design

30 November 2023Advance Design, BIM, construction, Structural designGRAITEC Expert

Cable structure elements are geometrically nonlinear, and hence we need a nonlinear solver in order to analyze this kind of…

How to Define User Coordinate System in Advance Design

17 August 2023Advance Design, Structural designGRAITEC Expert

When using Advance Design, in some cases we may need to build our model or study results using a specific…

Revolutionizing Sustainability: Carbon Emission Estimations in Advance Design

16 August 2023Advance Design, Non classé, Structural designLukas

Advance Design's innovative Finite Element Method (FEM) software, coupled with a new CO2 emission calculator, facilitates precise carbon factor measurements…

Welcome to Better Workflows: Advance Design 2024

13 June 2023Advance Design, ArchitectureEric Daniel

Optimize your design and structural analysis processes and gain new computing capabilities with the newly released GRAITEC Advance Design 2024.…

2 Powerful Analysis Objects in Advance Design for FEM Analysis

30 May 2023Advance Design, Structural designLukas

See 2 useful and powerful additional analysis objects in GRAITEC Advance Design – FEM analysis software

Chained Optimization of Steel Sections in Graitec Advance Design

16 January 2023Advance Design, Structural design, TrainingLynne

Read this blog article to learn how Graitec's FEM solution, Advance Design, provides designers with an automatic calculation sequence tool…

How to Use Spreadsheets in Graitec Advance Design

9 January 2023Advance Design, Structural design, TrainingGRAITEC Expert

Delivery of detailed and comprehensive results and reports is a vital part of any engineering project. These documents can be…

Advance Design: How to define or modify annotations and tooltips

22 December 2022Advance Design, Structural design, TrainingGRAITEC Expert

In Graitec Advance Design there are two different ways of displaying the element properties which can avoid checking the dialog…

How to check analysis results in Advance Design using Section Cuts feature

26 August 2022Advance Design, Structural design, TrainingGRAITEC Expert

Learn how Graitec Advance Design outputs structural analysis results in various formats, so structural engineers may better understand the behavior…

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