Creating Model Views Efficiently and Standardizing your Project

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Creating Model Views Efficiently and Standardizing your Project


I waste time by trying to create model views and not quite familiar with the work flow. I would like a way to compact different types of Model Views and create a project that my coworkers can use as a company standard. Can this be done?


Did you know that You can save time Creating Model Views efficiently and standardizing your project by organizing and creating folders for the Model Views? Autodesk Advance Steel Project Explorer allows you to do just that! Watch the short demo to see how!

Creating Model Views Efficiently and Standardizing your Project | GRAITEC CANADA


Workflow recommendations

Creating Model views Efficiently and Standardizing your project.

First, put your UCS to world and the view orientation to SE. Disable all the levels and turn off or hide elements you do not want visible.

  1. Select the Create New Model View icon on the Structures to display the definition method dialog box.

2. Select the definition method At grid line. You will be prompted to select a grid.

3. Turn on the view by selecting the Light bulb to the left of the FRAMING @ GRID 1 text.

Now that the Elevation Grid view has been created, the camera must be activated to make a detail.

4. To create the camera, right click on the camera name text.

5. Scroll down to and select the Properties panel and put in the required values.

6. Put in the desired information on the Camera properties panel.

Did you know you can create a folder to organize the views.

  1. Right click in view area and select Create folder.

2. Name the folder. For this example, 200-ELEVATION VIEWS will be used.

3. Select OK. to append the folder to the view list.

Folder  200-ELEVATION VIEWS is created to house and organize Framing Views.

Select the show all elements to display the entire structure.

The information implemented in FRAMING @ GRID 1 will be copied over and inherited in the Copy 1 and Copy 2 properties.

4.  Copy the camera symbol to grids 2 then 3.

  1. Right click on the Copy 1 text and choose the Rename option.
    2. Rename the Copy 1 view, to FRAMING @ GRID 2.
    3. Rename the Copy 2 view, to FRAMING @ GRID 3.

4. After renaming the views, select the FRAMING @ GRID 2 text.
5. Right click and from the contextual menu, scroll and select the Camera Properties panel.
6. Change the Description inherited from FRAMING @ GRID 1 to FRAMING @ GRID 2.

7. Repeat the same workflow for FRAMING @ GRID 3.
8. Use the Copy and rotate tool to copy and rotate Grid 3 -90°.

9. Select the Camera graphic symbol on Grid 3, use the Node or GRID Intersection points osnap.
10. Select the Advance Steel Tool Palette>Tools> Copy and rotate 2D.

11. Right click on the Copy 1 text, choose the Rename option, rename it FRAMING @ GRID A.

12. After you renamed, right click on FRAMING @ GRID A, and select the Properties.
13. Go to the Camera properties panel and change the description FRAMING @ GRID 3 in the detail, inherited from FRAMING @ GRID 3 to FRAMING @ GRID A.

14. Repeat the same process as seen above for Copy 1 and Copy 2.

You can drag and drop the camera text into a folder.

See example below

Save time copying views and organize your project with folders! Work only on the areas necessary to enhance computer performance!

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