How to Set Default Material for Beams in Advance Steel

13 December 2022Advance Steel, TrainingAdvance Steel



 by Sophia Li

Beams in Advance Steel

If ever need to set different beam types to specific materials, here is how to do that.

Go to Management Tools >> Table Editor >> click on Open Installed Databases at the top left corner >> expand the AstorProfiles database and select the ProfileMasterTable table (you can use “profile” as a filter to easily find this table). In this table, look at the RunName column to find the beam type row you need to set a default material for, and then populate its Material field. Keep in mind that this Material column is looking for the Key column of the material you want to set – this can be found under the Material table in the AstorBase database.


If a beam type does not have a material set in AstorProfiles, it will use the Beam material setting in Management Tools Defaults.


There is a caveat to this rule. All beams created from Advance Steel macros, for example from the Stairs and Railings macros, will take on Beam material set in Management Tools Defaults. This is by design. To minimize work, you can first change the Beam material setting to what most of the beams for the stairs/railing you are able to create should be >> use the macro to create the stairs/railing >> and then change back the Beam material setting to its original setting.

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