Editing Content in Bluebeam Revu

13 September 2022productivityBlog, bluebeam revu, bluebeam tutorial, bluebeam video, PDF editing



In this video, Connor Taiariol (BIM Technical Consultant and Application Specialist at Graitec) shares tips on some of his favorite Bluebeam Revu content editing capabilities that help improve productivity such as:

  • Text editing;
  • copying and pasting;
  • cutting, deleting, and erasing elements on your PDFs.

All these little things you might need to do to a set of drawings, Bluebeam Revu saves you the time of going back into your native files (AutoCAD or Revit), making the change there and recreating the PDF. When it comes to small things you can actually just edit in Bluebeam and speed up processes.

Editing Content in Bluebeam Revu | GRAITEC CANADA

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