FRAMELAB software to create, coordinate and track critical framing around openings

14 February 2022BIMBlog



FrameLab is a brand-new plugin that resides in the Revit environment and supports Cloud Collaboration on Autodesk Docs. The beauty of FrameLab is that you don’t have to be an expert in Revit to use it. It creates typical framing for them into walls. It also comes with tools to create no-fly zones and tolerances around mechanical equipment. So, with a few clicks of the mouse, you add valuable elements to the model and contribute to having a fully coordinated project. This plugin is fantastic for contractors and subcontractors.

Create framing above doors or openings in walls.

This highly effective tool allows you to create framing quickly and efficiently around openings in walls. So, if any equipment enters in conflicts with them, it will now be detected in Navisworks, BIMcollab ZOOM, etc. in order to be reviewed and corrected. Professional’s do not detail them in their models. Therefore, they are not detected.

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Place no fly zones.

For example, you can add no-fly zones in an exit corridor to adjust the amount of equipment. By doing so, users can save money by limiting the presence of ducts in these areas. Select fire walls by creating a no-fly zone around them to identify all penetrations into your conflict detection software. You can then create a report and make sure they are treated with fire sealants in the field with a checklist. How much time do you spend on site to validate if these have been done well? How do you track it? Do you make checklists to make sure nothing has been forgotten? I don’t think so. With your conflict detection list in these areas you have this tool and bingo: Say hello to efficiency! Another example is to create a no-fly zone in front of an electrical component or any other equipment that must have a clearance in front of or around it, such as a ventilation hatch. In this way, you prevent anything that would limit access to it.

Place tolerances around MEP equipment.

FrameLab allows users to rapidly create tolerances around MEP equipment into the framing with just a few clicks.

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There is also the possibility to color code by opening sizes. Compare previous openings/ no-fly zones and identify changes. Display, track and save report changes. All reports can be exported as .csv, .pdf and .zip files.
Identifying conflicts before getting to the field is a key factor in maintaining your profit margins at a satisfactory level. Users can reduce the amount of rework by detecting those clashes early in the process. This allows teams time to submit any questions and work on the solution before even starting to build.
Can you imagine a situation, a project where you had no choice but to wait to complete your work because you did not have answers to your questions (RFI)? Or because the answers you received had to make you modified things on site? I challenge you to try estimating the real price of those delays. I did it for one of my past projects and I realized that it is indeed very costly.

In a world where we are struggling with manpower, we want to protect our teams and pamper them. By giving them a project to do that has all the necessary information, without major problems, so that everything runs smoothly. That’s a great way to support them, to value them. This makes anyone’s workday so much better! So, to help you have better control over your work and the quality of projects that you deliver, while still maintaining the margin originally planned for these projects – choose FrameLab, a great solution to add to your toolbox of BIM products.

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