How to Set Up Plate Name Mapping to Call Out Gauge for Plate Thickness in Advance Steel

14 December 2022Advance Steel, TrainingAdvance Steel



 by Sophia Li

You can set up plate name mapping in Advance Steel to call out the different gauge material for plate thickness

Here is how to do that:

To set plate mapping up, you must to have mapping checked:

plate-thickness-in-advance-steel image 1

Go to Table Editor and then add the following line to the IntExtMapKeyPlate table in the AstorSettings database (this will allow us to use the Free Remark token for the gage material callout):

plate-thickness-in-advance-steel image 2

Go to Plate – General in Management Tools Defaults and set Mapping plates, priority 1 to Free Remark, and priority 2 and 3 to Off (very important that these last two are Off, or this will not work).

plate-thickness-in-advance-steel image 3

After that, go to the Table Editor again and edit the MapInternToExtern table under AstorCurrentAddIn database. The Key column should be in numerical order; Internal should be the gage material callout; External1 is the plate name format to use whenever a gage material is used (I copied the Plate Name format I had in Management Tools Defaults but replace thickness with the Free Remark token (%Denotation). Add additional lines here for all your gauge material callouts. Example:

plate-thickness-in-advance-steel image 4

Hit Update Defaults under the Home tab to apply the changes.

plate-thickness-in-advance-steel image 05

Whenever you need to use gauge material, set your plate thickness to what it should be, and then add the gauge material callout in the Free Remark field (it must follow the same case and spacing as what you inputted in the Internal column in the MapInternToExtern table):

plate-thickness-in-advance-steel image 6

When you number the model, the Notification panel will not show the mapped name, but the Model Browser and Properties palette will. NC files and BOM lists will show the mapped name as well.

plate-thickness-in-advance-steel image 7
plate-thickness-in-advance-steel image 8
plate-thickness-in-advance-steel image 9

KISS files will not show the mapped name unfortunately. To work around this, you can add the gauge to the plate’s Pre defined remark field and then it will appear in the Kiss file as a note:

plate-thickness-in-advance-steel image 10

Keep in mind that plate name mapping is simply changing the plate name from the default format based on what value you have in the Free Remark token. You would still need to add the actual plate thicknesses of the gauge material in the PlateThickness table in AstorBase database:

plate-thickness-in-advance-steel image 11

The RunName will not show, but the Key value (this is the millimeter value of the plate thicknesses) will show in inches when you choose the plate thickness for your plates.

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