VIDEO: Unique Interoperability Between Autodesk Revit and Inventor

15 February 2024BIM, Collaboration, Digital transformation, Manufacturingautodesk construction cloud, bim interoperability, Inventor, revit, video



Autodesk Inventor has Revit exchange toolsets that enable you to create Revit families, reference Revit projects into Inventor using AnyCAD, and export a native Revit project directly into Inventor. You can design within the context of the BIM project.

See it demonstrated in this Autodesk VIDEO.


The Revit model can be shared as a file or managed using Autodesk Vault or Autodesk Construction Cloud. The Revit model can be used as a design reference.

When the model is updated in Revit, Inventor AnyCAD will update the reference inside Inventor, keeping the two models in sync.

Autodesk Revit to Inventor interoperability

The impact of the Inventor model on the Revit design can be determined and adjustments made if needed. Feedback can be collected and an updated Revit model can be shared.  

This unique functionality enables professionals in manufacturing and construction to collaborate using a shared data model.

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