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Design-Build construction company completes digital transformation with Autodesk Construction Cloud


When JCB Construction Canada decided they wanted to become a 100% BIM design-build company, they knew this large-scale digital transformation from CAD required determination, courage, and important investments in time and resources. There was no room for the trials and errors of doing it completely on their own.


Hitting it off with members of the GRAITEC BIMup team at a Construction industry event in 2018, JCB associates enthusiastically shared their vision of technology, how it could contribute to their growth, but also expressed concerns about how disruptive digital transformation could be. So they asked for help.

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Design-Build construction company completes digital transformation with Autodesk Construction Cloud | GRAITEC CANADA

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Delivering First BIM Project Under Tight Deadlines

Customer Challenge

Kelvin Emtech embarked on a journey with Autodesk Revit, initially having limited experience with it. The company recognized the importance of establishing a Building Information Modeling (BIM) department as a key step towards accessing opportunities in the residential market. Over about a year, Kelvin Emtech invested in implementing BIM with the goal of nurturing team members’ interest and expertise to become proficient BIM coordinators and modelers. Despite inherent challenges, the team approached this with determination and optimism, focusing on quickly acquiring necessary skills, gaining valuable experience, and expanding their knowledge in BIM.

Project Goals

The primary goal for Kelvin Emtech was to finalize the implementation of the BIM working methodology within the firm and complete its first BIM project. This required a complete and customized training plan for all team members, tailored to their specific roles. Specialized training was particularly needed for team members accustomed to Autodesk AutoCAD. Additionally, the company aimed to train future BIM coordinators for collaborative work and cloud model management on Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC).


To meet these challenges and goals, Graitec Group, Canada, partnered with Kelvin Emtech. Graitec conducted a 40-hour IQC audit (Quebec Initiative for Construction), involving top management and the BIM manager. This helped assess Kelvin Emtech’s digital status and direction. Kelvin Emtech chose to implement Autodesk Revit MEP, Navisworks, ReCap, and ACC. Leveraging Graitec’s over 20 years of Revit and BIM process experience, combined with proven processes for implementing Autodesk tools, the solution aimed to establish a successful BIM working methodology. The Graitec BIM manager worked alongside Kelvin Emtech staff, taking on the company’s first BIM project, and planned the training of over 20 designers, technologists, and project managers on the software tools. The BIM Management Plan and BIM Execution Plan were also reviewed to ensure comprehensiveness and inclusion of all required information.

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Delivering First BIM Project Under Tight Deadlines | GRAITEC CANADA

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Chris Hurst, Byrom Associates

Graitec provided excellent support. On day one of using the software, I could phone up if I got stuck, and even though the point was due to be covered on day two or three of the course, they’d talk me through it so I could keep working.

Ian Murray , Proprietor, I J Murray Associates Ltd

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