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GRAITEC offers consulting services across all industries, from architectural to manufacturing. Our consultants are well-respected experts in your industry with real-world experience. They help customers overcome day to day project challenges.

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Our global consulting services team is unique in our field.

We can support customers in multiple time zones and localized languages. We work around our customers’ needs, rather than having them adjust to suit ours.
We are passionate experts willing to improve your team’s productivity and find the best solutions to help your company grow.

Consulting services | GRAITEC CANADA

Our services include:
• Project support and personalized service
• BIM coordination services
• Scripting and customization at a project level
• Content creation
• BIM-specific consulting


The benefits of working with Graitec:
• Industry leading consultants
• International support
• Wide range of consulting services
• Working with global consultants

Consulting services | GRAITEC CANADA
Consulting services | GRAITEC CANADA

A word from our team:

What we love at GRAITEC is to embrace today’s digital transformation challenges to always make our clients’ organizations more productive!

Chris Hobbs, GRAITEC Technical Excellence Director

Why choose GRAITEC

First-rate business & tech advice to optimize your purchase

More than 700 agile experts in digital transformation

Sustainability is not just a slogan: it’s about building a better tomorrow

More than 270,000 satisfied clients all over the world

Any questions?

Please contact us if you have any questions or requests about GRAITEC products, training, consulting services, or events. Our team of experts is here to help you optimize your projects.

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