GKC Architecture and Design

How a BIM Process Update Impacted more than Productivity and Efficiency. Discover how Graitec helped GKC Architecture & Design implement, manage, and optimize BIM technology and workflows to help them reach their own customers' objectives in terms of project scope, budget, and schedule.



Company : GKC Architecture and Design
Location : Montreal, Canada


Customer Challenge

After implementing Revit over 10 years ago, GKC made the bold choice to quickly become one of the first all-BIM firms in the province of Quebec. As the industry continued moving to BIM, GKC Architects were faced with 2 challenges: holding on to valuable human capital and managing growth. As years passed, the firm was faced with disruption and clashes between teammates, as skilled newcomers with different backgrounds and experience had their own way of doing things. They called Graitec for help.

Project Goals

As a first step, GKC needed to understand their options in terms of new technology and best strategies to standardize and optimize BIM processes for improved collaboration, productivity, efficiency and quality deliverables. Managing change skillfully and tactfully was paramount.

GKC Architecture and Design | GRAITEC CANADA


Graitec’s mandate started with an audit, which included: interviews with principals and management, analysis of processes, tools, past projects, evaluation of team members’ proficiency on software, and more. After careful consideration of the proposed action plan, GKC felt the company could benefit from: updates to the Revit template and internal processes, Revit Essentials classes for the entire office (even the experts), and Revit family creation, Navisworks and Dynamo training for select use.

Business Outcome

Although it’s too soon to quantify ROI, GKC partner and architect Fernando Lozano confirms the firm already reaps the benefits of:
1) Increased productivity and efficiency through implementation of best practices, clear workflows and automation (Dynamo)
2) Superior quality Revit models and deliverables
3) Better communication within project teams (same language, baselines)
4) Improved team spirit, cohesion and employee retention
5) Smoother onboarding and integration of new recruits



“For GKC, providing our employees with the proper tools and means to do their job is a philosophy. Investing in their professional development is important to us for obvious efficiency reasons, but it’s also personal. It’s a way of showing our appreciation.” says Mr. Lozano. He adds: “Staying on top of technology is also a strategic decision. And Graitec really helps us get the most out of it. I don’t see them as consultants of software vendors. They’re a key partner, our BIM go-to-people.”

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