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Hard to generate climatic loads automatically

What other  FEM software solution offer:

Limited capability for generation restricted to specific building shapes.

What Advance Design offers :

Effortlessly generate comprehensive snow and wind loads for every 2D and 3D design, seamlessly integrating diverse partitions, obstacles, and internal pressures, all while ensuring adherence to industry standards.


loads in fem software

Complicated to design cold-formed sections

What other FEM software solution offer:

Simplified and limited verification of thin-walled sections

What Advance Design offers :

Detailed analysis of thin-walled sections with consideration of local and distortional stability for multiple single and double profiles, according to Eurocode and NA codes


Challenging and complicated BIM links to Advance Steel

What other FEM software solution offer:

Only transfer of analytical model and geometry through general formats like IFC and SDNF

What Advance Design offers :

Full BIM workflow (with synchronization) to Advance Steel and Revit including geometry, internal forces, slabs and foundations.


Not up to date with all norms and methods

What other FEM software solution offer:

Focusing primarily on ongoing maintenance, the development is limited, and error correction levels are insufficient for operating systems and essential standards.

What Advance Design offers :

Two releases per year, Advance Design stays ahead of the curve, introducing new features and current fixes, ensuring your software is always up to date.


Trouble managing your model and the properties

What other FEM software solution offer:

Difficult model management, navigating through the model space, and controlling elements properties.

What Advance Design offers :

Streamline management of model elements through the project browser and common property settings for all objects.


Miss the 7 degrees of freedom method

What other FEM software solution offer:

No possibility for detailed 2nd order numerical design considering warping or asymmetrical sections

What Advance Design offers :

Empower your designs with a powerful engine that brings 7 degrees of freedom to life, mastering 2nd order effects for unmatched strength and stability calculations in steel sections – from the thinnest walls to the most asymmetrical shapes


Advance Design – Steel | GRAITEC CANADA




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Advance Design vs. other FEM Solutions:
A Comprehensive Comparison

Our technical experts conducted a comparison between other leading software in the market and Advance Design. The results are below and they speak for themselves.

Feature / Area Other FEM solutions Advance Design
Development & Support Limited updates; Support varies by reseller Continuous development; Direct support from R&D
Climatic Loads Generator Limited capabilities Comprehensive for any geometry
Steel Design Simplified; Limited to basic verification Advanced; Includes thin-walled and asymmetrical sections
Analytical Objects Complicated definition process Quick and automatic definition
Licensing Subscription only Subscription and Perpetual; Standalone product
BIM Workflow Limited; Primarily Revit and Advance Steel Extensive; Superior support for open formats
Model Management Difficult navigation and management Streamlined with project browser and common properties
Meshing Recurring issues with consistency Best in class; High-quality complex mesh
Error Handling Poor user experience Designed for efficient model checking and correction
Graphical Presentation Limited and difficult interpretation Advanced methods for simple result management
Reinforcement Drawings Poor quality; Limited customization High-quality; Customizable to user’s style
Masonry Design Not available Included; Comprehensive design capabilities


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Advance Design – Steel | GRAITEC CANADA

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We use all the capabilities of Advance Design, both in the initial design phase and in the execution detail phase, through the use of post-processing modules included in Advance Design as well as through collaboration with partner applications, a collaboration based on the exchange and synchronization of BIM information.

Eng. Sorin Chereches, PROCAD Design

Advance Design has an intuitive interface. We worked with the architects at the same time we were creating the structure. Exporting IFCs allowed a fluid communication. The hardest part of the project was taking into account all architect’s demands while designing a seismic structure.”

Yassine Talmi, OTEIS, France

In addition to its BIM advanced features, Advance Design was quite beneficial regarding the geometrical modeling process, as well as the structural analysis and design. The seismic and wind load generation is helpful and relatively swift, with its automatic Building Code implementation.

Adel Sfeir, Lebanese University Faculty of Engineering, Lebanon

Advance Design – Steel | GRAITEC CANADA

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