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MECA – VINCI – 1st Place Advance Design Award 2021

Maison de l’Economie Créative en Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the new laboratory for artistic creation in New Aquitaine Design of the MECA building (shopping centre) in the south of France.

Two concrete columns support an eccentric steel bridge.

The facades of the building are composed of 800m² of concrete panels.
Elastic supports were integrated to match the actual behaviour of the structure.
A seismic analysis was performed due to the location of the project in a zone 2 seismic zone.

User benefits:

Advance Design has benefited in recent years from a number of new advanced features allowing it to be used more and more effectively on increasingly complex projects such as the MECA project.

Advanced structural analysis and design checks in a single software package allow complex projects to be managed from start to finish.


ICONIC – OTEIS – 2nd Place Advance Design Award

The project is designed by the architect Daniel Libeskind and the structural design was carried out by OTEIS.

It is a 20,000 m² commercial space comprising a hotel, offices, restaurants and a 200-seat auditorium.

The building was divided into two separate steel structures with two concrete cores

The model was built with Autodesk Revit and transferred to Advance Design for the structural analysis part. It is composed of 1,221 linear elements and 420 planar elements.

User benefits:

Thanks to the interoperability of Advance Design, complex models could be shared between the calculation software and Revit.

As this project illustrates, Advance Design allows the calculation of very complex models with flexible connections and supports, seismic load modelling, vibration analysis to isolate the multi-material structure, all in the same model, in the same software, and with the greatest possible ease of use.


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