Whether you’ve recently undergone a transformative process or are striving to elevate your solution to new heights, it’s imperative to continuously position your operations at the forefront of best practices. Your journey doesn’t culminate at any specific point; it’s a continuous journey, and the value you contribute must persistently evolve. To meet these demands, we created EmpowerUp- a testament to our commitment to facilitating your organization’s continuous improvement.

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What is EmpowerUp?

EmpowerUp is an on-demand service specifically designed for you to continually optimize your functional transformation through workflow specific trainings and workshops taking you to the next level.

It is delivered in the same way as our Up&Ready program, through a highly skilled and effective network that provides technology expertise and technical resources to keep your function at its peak.

What's Included

Every service is unique and typically includes three fundamental areas:

Optimal Project Delivery

Best solutions to get your projects on time & on budget.

Expert Guidance and Support

Dedicated experts to help you increase your productivity.

Enhanced Team Efficiency

Complete training to improve your team’s efficiency.


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With customized training programs, access to expert guidance, and a focus on streamlining your path to excellence, Applied Software, GRAITEC Group is the partner you need to elevate your operations.

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More than 700 agile experts in digital transformation

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