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The platform that allows landscape and site design within the Revit® workspace without the need for additional software or any programming skills.

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Making it simple

Arch-Intelligence's mission is to make the Revit® workflow for landscape architects convenient and efficient. To achieve this, we created a powerful set of tools that turns Revit® into the best software on the market for landscape and site design.

Overall approach

The modeling aspect of a landscape architect’s work can be complex at times. It often includes amorphic elements and complicated calculations to solve issues such as stormwater management, street shading, or sustainable infrastructure. With Environment for Revit®, solving these issues can now be easy and even fun!

After years of learning how to create landscape in Revit®, Arch-Intelligence has developed detailed workflows tailored to the various needs of landscape architects various needs of landscape architects.

Designing topographies and hardscapes.

Environment for Revit® offers the easiest and most intuitive way of designing sloped surfaces using contour lines.

To maximize design flexibility when modeling terrain, you can use both simple topographies and slabs to represent hardscapes.

Use of architectural wall in site design.

With Environment for Revit® you can save time designing and modeling retaining walls in sloped areas or road construction.

Since calculating and drawing these walls with all necessary documentation can take up a lot of time, we have automated the design process of the walls as well as the drawing production of wall elevations.

Topography analysis in Revit®.

Start every project with an easy study of the existing terrain.

Thanks to Envrionment for Revit’s color analysis feature, you can instantly present and analyze slopes and heights or obtain average data for existing topographies. This fast option allows better design decisions at the earliest stage of the project.

CAD file collaboration in site design.

Easily extract CAD data to your project without leaving Revit®.

Despite the rapid implementation of BIM technologies, AutoCAD still remains an integral part of the design workflow. The CAD files you insert to Revit® contain project information that must be considered when designing the project.

To simplify the process of transferring CAD data to your Revit® model, Environment for Revit® offers fantastic shortcuts.

A broad set of tools

broad set of tools makes Revit® the best software for landscape architecture. It was tailored for the site design and landscape architecture field, featuring simple and accessible commands while maintaining great flexibility for the architect to design unique spaces.

Environment for Revit by Arch-Intelligence | GRAITEC CANADA

The 5 key benefits of Environment for Revit

Do landscape and site design directly in the Revit model.

Easy and efficient with a full set of tools for outdoor design.

Spend more time developing great ideas rather than drawing construction details.

No programming skills or extra software needed.

User guide and training videos available online.

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Environment for Revit by Arch-Intelligence | GRAITEC CANADA

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