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Game-Changing Materials Management that Integrates with Autodesk Revit

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Simple and Powerful Materials Management in One Place

Learn how eVolve Materials improved performance and speed for VDC Departments, Fabrication Managers, Project Managers and Formen, Purchasing and Head of Operations.

VDC Department

Revit Integration
Instantly export project material lists from Revit, while maintaining element information such as Level, Area, Kit ID, Spool ID, and more.

Link Revit Elements
Link Revit elements to specific catalog items to ensure accurate ordering. A single element can be linked to an assembly in order to capture ancillary parts that are not modeled.

Get Back Your Budgeted Hours
Detailers spend hundreds of hours a year maintaining schedules and material lists. Spending less hours on what they do best, designing and detailing. With eVolve Materials you can get these budgeted hours by automatically creating BOMs from the Revit model.

Turn Your Revit Model Into BOMs
Materials provides non-Revit users access to the model data so detailers can significantly reduce the amount of time spent creating material lists and schedules for downstream operations. As changes occur simply synchronize your model and keep everyone up to date.

Eliminate Complex Revit Component Families
Create assemblies in Materials and link them to Revit elements. This provides the ability to capture non-modeled parts eliminating the need for complex families just to capture materials and quantities. This will reduce model size and will speed up various modeling tasks.

Link Revit Elements to Parts Catalog
Materials allows you to link Revit elements to manufacturer specific catalog parts. This will automatically convert the element description to an industry standard description and include the manufacturer name and catalog number when the item is ordered.

Fabrication Manager

Revit-Generated BOMs
Receive BOMs directly from Revit model for spool drawings. Add missing items, adjust quantities, and instantly add items to requisitions.

Supports Fabrication Kitting
Organize materials by Spool, Drawing, Work Order, and more. Show these breakdowns on requisitions so your supplier can pack and ship to your specified grouping.

Create Assemblies
Create single-level and multi-level assemblies and sub-assemblies. When they are added to a BOM, all component items/quantities will be automatically included.

Real-Time Order Status
Stay informed with critical details on incoming deliveries. Check the status any time, and track backorders and missing items.

Generate BOMs from Revit
With the Materials Revit
integration, you can create BOMs
directly from the model.

Quickly edit quantities and add
items from the parts catalog
resulting in an accurate bill of

Simple 3 Step Ordering Process
1. Use the parts catalog to perform material take-offs.

2. Create a material requisition.

3. Receive shipments and track un-fulfilled items and backorders.

Add Custom Assemblies
Assemblies are added to the parts catalog and can be included in prefab and field take-offs.

When assemblies are received from Revit or added via the parts catalog, the totals for all the individual component items are automatically exploded to the BOM.

Project Manager/Foreman

Streamlines Field Operations
Order materials, receive deliveries, and upload shipping documents. Record material-related issues, attach photos, and forward this information to project team members for resolution.

Real-Time Order Status
Stay informed with critical details on incoming deliveries. Check the status any time, and track backorders and missing items.

Manage Hold for Release Orders
Keep lighting, gear, fire alarm, commodities, and other large project BOMs organized in one place. Easily manage items, quantities, lead times, ship dates, and release notifications.

Supports Jobsite Kitting
Organize materials by Drawing, Area, Floor, System, Kit, Spool, Phase, or any way that you want them.

Import Project BOMs
Directly import supplier and manufacturer-provided BOMs via CSV files.


Standardized Requisition Format
Receive standard, accurate digital requisitions from field and fabrication teams, dramatically speeding up the review and quotation process.

Real-Time Delivery Information
Share real-time delivery information across all operations teams. Users can track their orders all the way through to delivery, eliminating field requests for updates.

Split Items on Requisitions
Select items from requisitions, and instantly split them off to create a new requisition when you need to order from more than one supplier.

Reject Requisitions
Allow the purchaser the ability to return the requisition to the requester to make edits, and then return the requisition under the same requisition number.

Track Unfulfilled Orders
Gain visibility of supplier delays and issues since the receiving status for all orders is updated in real-time.

Head of Operations

Gain Competitive Advantage
Gain competitive advantage through better communication and information-sharing across all operations teams.
Share real-time delivery information across all operations teams. Users can track their orders all the way through to delivery, eliminating field requests for updates.

Supply Chain Risk Mitigation
Identify the project’s material needs earlier and accurately to allow you to make buying decisions and potentially avoid damaging market fluctuations.

Improved Business Outcomes
Decrease risk, align your teams, work faster, and take on more work.

Align Your Departments and Supply Chain

Your organization can easily determine material needs based on accurate intelligence to enable efficient installation. Unlike any other software, eVolve Materials starts with a bill of materials (BOM) created in Revit or other sources instead of a purchase order and connects project manager, foreman, project designer, buyer, warehouse, fabrication manager, and suppliers with real-time information.

You can easily create project BOMs and kits as well as process hold for release orders and requisitions. BOMs are directly imported from Revit.

Creating Requisitions in a Simple 1-2-3 Process

  1. Select items from the BOM.
  2. Create the requisition.
  3. Process the requisition.
eVolve Materials | GRAITEC CANADA

5 key benefits of eVolve Materials

Start with a BOM generated by Revit of other software

Order outside of the model

Track from the field

Have al your material ordering information in one place

Get work orders into production faster

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