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Autodesk Fusion 360 Manage is a PLM solution that helps accelerate your product development processes across all departments and locations by automating workflows and key tasks, and delivering timely information.

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Why use Fusion 360 Manage for Product Life Cycle Management?

Autodesk's Fusion 360 Manage solution gives you the flexibility to start today and expand tomorrow with a product lifecycle solution (PLM) that adapts to your business.

Instant-on PLM that’s accessible anytime, anywhere

Quickly realize the benefits of a PLM platform that your entire organization can securely access from any browser.

Frees you up from expensive consulting, IT infrastructure, and VPN
No installation or upgrades required
Integrates with your existing business systems with an open API

PLM that’s easy to configure to your requirements

Fusion 360 Manage helps you standardize critical business processes. It comes with core PLM apps and dozens of specialized processes at no extra cost. Rather than starting from scratch, each app includes out of the box workflows that you can easily tailor to your needs.

PLM helps shorten time to market

Autodesk Product Lifecycle Management solutions can help you speed up time to market, reduce errors, improve collaboration, and achieve more efficient business processes with integrated PLM, ERP, CRM, and PDM.

Fusion 360 Manage | GRAITEC CANADA

Fusion 360 Manage Top Features and Benefits by Topic

  • Process and workflow configuration: User-friendly, configurable processes, Connects process to data, Integrates with business systems, Instant-on PLM , Access control, and more.
  • End-user experience: Simple, intuitive user interface, Anywhere, anytime access, Reporting, Access for everyone, Centralized data and processes, Process visibility.
  • PLM use cases: New product development, Bill of Materials, Change management, Supplier collaboration, Quality management, Dozens of PLM processes at no cost on the App store
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Fusion 360 Manage | GRAITEC CANADA

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