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This software allows for the finite element modelling of any 2D or 3D connections

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Why use Idea Statica Connexion

In just a few years, this software has become the world reference to simulate any fasteners, thanks to its simple and powerful interface

Resistance analysis

Thanks to its powerful FEM engine (non-linear, second order, plasticity), it makes it possible to check all types of bolted or welded connections, 2D or 3D, of any profiles, including the buckling of walls

Stiffness analysis

Eurocode 3 classifies the connections as Rigid, Semi-Rigid, and Articulated but it also uses a complicated method which is limited to traditional assemblies (see our software for traditional connections: Advance Design Steel Connection). Idea Statica Connection is the only software in the world capable of doing this analysis for any assembly,

Capacity, safety and fatigue analyses

This software allows all these other analyses and, in particular, the capacity with dissipative elements for calculations in DCM and DCH (plastic rotations, see also the Pushover in Advance Design),

Complete calculation note

It provides a complete report with drawings, precise checks, stiffness and resistance results, and the analysis of wall buckling. Bolts, welds, anchors and foundations are checked according to EC/AISC/CISC/, etc.

Fastener libraries

A library of the most common fasteners is provided as standard. You can also save your attachments in a private library or a library shared with your colleagues

Member module

It is delivered in the Enhanced version and makes the modelling of complex finite element beams and their buckling analysis possible

Idea Statica Connexion | GRAITEC CANADA

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IDEA StatiCa is an industry-leading steel connection design software

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Idea Statica Connexion | GRAITEC CANADA

The 5 key benefits of Idea statica

Calculate the complex assemblies that were roughly estimated yesterday,

Enormous time savings: a large assembly that was calculated in a week with mechanical FEM software is optimised in half a day thanks to Idea Statica Connection

Very visual presentation of results that highlight behaviours that were overlooked

Automatic checks of plates, bolts, welds, and anchor rods according to North American codes after FEM calculation

Many BIM links and, in particular, with Advance Design, Advance Steel, AutoDesk Robot, etc.

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Idea Statica Connexion | GRAITEC CANADA

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