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MWF Pro Wood is a rule based, template driven Revit add-on that enables builders to automate the framing of entire wood projects, as well as design and engineer floor cassettes

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Why use MWF Pro Wood

A complete design to manufacturing solution that empowers users to model, coordinate, engineer and manufacture panels more effciently and accuratley within the Revit environment.

Automated Framing

Customize framing elements and/or conditions.

MultiLayer Capabilities

Added ability to add sheathing and/or gypsum board and/or furring (battens), etc.

Clash Detection (through wall)

Easily detect wood penetrants project wide to create openings and frame around said penetrants.

Clash Detection (through stud members)

Ability to create a series of holes (service holes, slot holes, rectangle holes) through studs for conduit and/or electric wires.

Engineer Floors

Integrate floor systems and beams with industry siszing engines such as Forte by Weyerheuser and Sizer by WoodWorks.

Generate Shop Drawings

Fully customizable shop drawings including your company logo, BOM and different views.

MWF Pro Wood by Strucsoft | GRAITEC CANADA

The 5 key benefits of MWF Pro Wood

Increase speed of framing by elimating manual workflows.

Save time by automating shop drawing creation.

Quarterly updates with numerous customer driven enhancements

Quarterly updates with numerous customer driven enhancements

Seemlessly enerate engineering reports.

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MWF Pro Wood by Strucsoft | GRAITEC CANADA

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MWF Pro Wood by Strucsoft | GRAITEC CANADA

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