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Drawing and document management system for architects and engineers helping to streamline their processes whilst meeting demanding document control requirements to the latest standards.

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Why use Opentree

Helps manage the work-in-progress, issue and publication of content on a construction design project.

Automating File Naming Conventions

File naming conventions help businesses to stay organized and makes it easier to identify drawings and documents.

Quick Searching

Trying to find, access and edit information is a common challenge which derails productivity.

Review and Approve

Opentree offers an automated review and approval process to help improve communication and streamline processes.

Version and Revision Control

Version and revision control is beneficial in the design process as it helps to keep track of incremental and major changes.

Intelligent Data Linking

Opentree dramatically reduces the time required to check if document information is correct by automatically updating title blocks.

Upload to Common Data Environments

Opentree automatically upload files and meta data into the common data environments saving you time.


The 5 key benefits of Opentree

Business Owner: Improve productivity, increase profitability, win more business and minimise risk.

IT: Enhance security, protect IP, improve data flow and reduce costs.

BIM/Design Manager: Automatically comply to standards, deliver on time and improve quality.

Document Controller: Reduce checking time, time spent uploading, re-work and quality rejections.

Drafter: Search quickly, automate manual time-consuming tasks and improve visibility.

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