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The PD&M Collection provides essential tools to create complex and custom products, equipment, and systems. The Collection includes products like AutoCAD and Inventor.

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Why buy PDM Collection

Access all the products you need to deliver a project (at a single packaged cost).


Fully model an intelligent assembly using real-world components and materials – and then simulate your design


Access tools for data management such as naming conventions and version control


CAD software that design and manufacturing professionals rely on to create precise 2D and 3D drawings

Fusion 360

Leverage this cloud-based CAD/CAM/CAE software to enhance product design and manufacturing

3ds Max

Visualise and animate designs in a photo-realistic environment. Share designs with image and animation files

Navisworks Manage

Leverage this essential tool for coordinating different models and supporting 60+ file formats


The 5 key benefits of PDM Collection

Design and manage your data in one place with this collection of key PDM products

Benefit from cost savings compared to purchasing standalone products

Develop workflows between design and data managemen

Design and visualise your work on a PC, or in the cloud

Use the connected applications to implement manufacturing workflows

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PDM Collection key features

The PDM Collection provides essential tools to create complex and custom products, equipment, and systems.



The use of Inventor within the PDM Collection allows you to fully model an intelligent assembly, using real-world components and materials. You can then simulate your design, enabling much faster insight into how the final build will look and experiment with different approaches.



Operating within the Autodesk PDM Collection, Vault software enables you to access a wide range of solutions for data management. These include tools that deliver detailed capabilities around naming conventions and version control.


The Autodesk PDM Collection contains the AutoCAD solution, which allows you and your design teams to develop precise, accurate and high-quality 2D and 3D drawings, using tried and tested CAD software that has been specifically designed for manufacturing professionals.


Fusion 360

By making use of Fusion 360 within the Autodesk PDM Collection, you can leverage the latest, high-quality cloud-based CAD/CAM/CAE software to enhance and strengthen all of your product design and manufacturing work.


3ds Max

You can access 3ds Max software through the Autodesk PDM Collection, enabling you to visualise and animate your designs in a photo-realistic environment. You can also share designs with image and animation files, enabling a wide range of stakeholders to get insight into how the design is likely to evolve over time.


Navisworks Manage

Armed with Navisworks Manage within the Autodesk PDM Collection, you can coordinate a wide range of different models and support a total of more than 60 file formats.

Other features

Inventor Nastram
Access the high-end CAD-embedded Finite Element Analysis (FEA) simulation that offers a wide range of analysis types to engineers and analysts

Inventor CAM
Close the gap between design and manufacturing by automating the machining workflow with CAD-embedded 2.5-axis milling, turning and mill-turn capabilities

ReCap Pro 
Integrate reality capture data into design processes with this high-quality reality capture and 3D scanning software

Factory Design Utilities 
Conceptualise and plan manufacturing facilities

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