The Ultimate plug-in for Inventor, PowerPack for Inventor®


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Accelerate Mechanical Design and Simulation in Inventor

Speed up and improve your product modeling workflow to increase productivity. Increase control and automation in Inventor with new functionalities that run on top of the Inventor Professional platform.


87% report an increase in ROI on their investment with Graitec PowerPack

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1 Supercharge the capabilities of Inventor and upgrade your design process.


2 Whether you are an engineer, designer or manufacturer, enhance your 3D modeling with advanced tools and top-notch features: custom parameter management, geometry simplification, seamless documentation, batch plot management, and BOM exports.


3 Unlock the full potential of Autodesk Inventor with PowerPack.

PowerPack for Inventor | GRAITEC CANADA

Unleash Your Projects with PowerPack for Inventor

PowerPack for Inventor | GRAITEC CANADA

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4 Key benefits of PowerPack for Inventor

Seamless Autodesk Inventor Integration | GRAITEC CANADA
Boost Efficiency with Comprehensive Design Tools | GRAITEC CANADA
Enhance your organization with streamlined BOM management. | GRAITEC CANADA
Support and Updates | GRAITEC CANADA
  • Improve your workflow without the need for additional training. Integrate PowerPack for Inventor Extension with your existing Autodesk Inventor software, and leverage your current skills.

  • Enhance productivity and streamline your design processes with: advanced BOM management, drawing enhancements, and part numbering automation.

  • Improve your organization and tracking. Efficiently manage and manipulate project components using advanced BOM tools, such as multi-level BOMs and additional columns.

  • Stay ahead of the curve by utilizing the latest features and improvements in your design workflow. Access expert support from GRAITEC and benefit from regular software updates.

Complement and balance your projects perfectly
with PowerPack for Inventor.

Visibility Enhancement

Improve efficiency in your Inventor workflow. Take advanced control over model elements like sketches and work features in Inventor. Improve navigation and focus on specific design aspects.

Purge Tools

Improve your overall design efficiency using Purge Tools to analyze models and facilitate model cleanup. Reduce Inventor file sizes and optimize performance.

Add/Remove Custom iProperties

Improve your data organization. Manage metadata in your Inventor models effectively by creating, editing, or removing custom properties in your Inventor projects.

Title Block Swap

Simplify your template management in Inventor drawings. Adhere to company or project standards by quickly replacing title blocks and transferring attribute values.


Streamline your CNC machining in Autodesk Inventor. Automate dogbone joint creation for wooden parts. Produce precise, ready-to-manufacture joints, considering cutting tool diameter and constraints.

Remove iLogic Rules

Save time by reducing manual cleanup. Improve design efficiency by simplifying iLogic rule management. Search and remove iLogic rules across multiple components.

And more features to facilitate your day to day job

Inspection Dimension Table

Gain confidence by ensuring compliance with industry standards like ASME and ISO in your Inventor drawings. Automate the creation of inspection dimensions and produce accurate documentation.

Remove Backups

Maintain a more efficient work environment for your Autodesk Inventor workspace. Stay organized by deleting old backup files to free up storage space.

Read Inventor Version

Improve stability and performance of your Inventor files. Migrate files individually or in batches to the latest version.

Border Frame Swap

Ensure consistency in your Inventor project layouts. Customize Inventor drawings by switching border frames using a user-defined template.


Enhance your workflow and maintain consistency across Inventor drawings. Accurately represent designs in Autodesk Inventor with advanced Scale tools, predefined or customized.

Inspection Dimensions

Increase confidence by ensuring compliance with industry standards like ASME and ISO in your Autodesk Inventor drawings. Automate the creation of inspection dimensions and produce accurate documentation.

File Properties – Drawing Environment

Improve your metadata management and documentation. View and edit file properties such as project, author, and revision information to track critical information directly within the drawing environment.

PowerPack for Inventor | GRAITEC CANADA

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New features in Versions 2024 & 2024.1

Thread Modeler | GRAITEC CANADA
Feature Migrator | GRAITEC CANADA
Weld Balloons | GRAITEC CANADA
  • Distinguish your work by bringing realism to your Inventor model. Generate a realistic 3D-modeled thread in one click, based on the underlying thread feature properties.

    See video

  • Increase efficiency by easily migrating features from assembly level to part level. Select features in the Feature Migrator browser and choose to keep them at the assembly level, supress or delete them. Features you can migrate include: extrude, hole, circular pattern, rectagular pattern, rounding, chamfer, thread, and sweeping.

    See video

  • Weld Balloon functionality streamlines and automates the procedure of placing balloons on both standard welds and fillet welds.

PowerPack for Inventor | GRAITEC CANADA



See how PowerPack can help you increase productivity working within Autodesk Inventor

Visibility Enhancement Tools

Check out the rest of the videos showing some of the features of PowerPack for Inventor

  • Inspection Dimensions
  • BOM Export Part List
  • Title Block Swap
  • Tolerance Table
  • Purge Tools

See full playlist here

PowerPack for Inventor | GRAITEC CANADA

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