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PowerPack for Plant 3D®

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High Quality Designs in Less Time

Streamline your Plant 3D workflows and boost design efficiency. Advanced tools and features help streamline plant design workflows: automated tasks, enhanced pipe routing, customizable libraries, and more. Engineers and designers can produce high quality designs in less time.


87% increase in ROI on their investment with Graitec PowerPack

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PowerPack for Plant 3D | GRAITEC CANADA

Increase productivity and improve workflows within the Plant 3D workspace


1 Plant designers and engineers can streamline workflows, increase productivity, and improve design quality.


2 Produce high quality designs faster and with greater accuracy.


3 Achieve success with complex plant projects.


4 Enhance your drawing and documentation capabilities with 10 Commands, customizable component libraries, and improved BOM exports.


5 Unlock the full potential of Autodesk Plant 3D with PowerPack.

5 Key benefits of PowerPack for Plant 3D

Design More Efficiently | GRAITEC CANADA
Work More Effectively | GRAITEC CANADA
Extend Your Capabilities | GRAITEC CANADA
Workflow Automation | GRAITEC CANADA
Maximize Your Investment  | GRAITEC CANADA
  • Speed up your design process. Quickly find and reuse design and engineering data.

  • Communicate design data to clients and internal groups.

  • Add tools to your design workflow that enable you to manage content standardization beyond your current capabilities.

  • Streamline your workflow importing manufacturer references and save up to 225 hours per model.

  • You can be confident you have the tools you need to succeed, with access to the latest features and ongoing support. Regular updates are backed by GRAITEC technical experts to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Take your Plant 3D designs to the next level. Enhance control, accuracy, and efficiency with advanced tools and features.

Pipe Supports to Excel

Create more accurate pipe support takeoffs based on real model parameters.

Copy Project Drawings

Batch transfer drawings between projects. Copy all project files with folder structures, including isometrics.

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Sync Actuators

Synchronize actuators by processing all valves in a spec. Update the assigned operator to match the source catalog.

Export to AutoCAD

Save time by using the built-in scheduling tool for consistent, hands-off creation. Batch export all project files to native AutoCAD objects.

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Update Line Size and Spec

Save time on data entry by populating nominal size and spec properties in P&IDs and 3D models.

Line Manager

This new tool simplifies the process of managing iso sheet numbering, allowing for faster and easier creation of Production ISOs

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And more features to facilitate your day to day job

Manufacturer Reference

Provides better connectivity between AutoCAD and Inventor/SolidWorks/Catia by enabling automatic reloading of files when they change.

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Update Line Group

This feature populates nominal size and spec properties in P&IDs and 3D models automatically, saving time that would otherwise be spent on data entry.

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Update Size Description

A new tool that loops through a catalog and prepends the part size long description based on the port sizes and part family long description.

Command Line Only Functions

Additional features are available through the command line only, providing advanced functionality for users who are comfortable with using command line inputs.

PowerPack for Plant 3D | GRAITEC CANADA

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Discover What's New in Version 2024.1

Sheet Number Configuration | GRAITEC CANADA
Colour Scheme | GRAITEC CANADA
  • Streamline the fabrication process and enhance your project management by efficiently dividing plant pipelines into shippable sizes.

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  • Get greater control and consistency in managing iso sheet assignments in Plant 3D projects with customized sheet numbering.

  • Improve your model view management with enhancements to the LineManager with a more intuitive user experience and visually appealing interface.

PowerPack for Plant 3D | GRAITEC CANADA

Discover What’s New in PowerPack for Plant 3D 2025

Discover the exciting new features in the PowerPack for Plant 3D 2025 release! Our latest blog post highlights the cutting-edge advancements and enhancements for plant designers and engineers.

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