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Graitec PowerPack for Revit is a key differentiator in effective project delivery. PowerPack puts performance, automation, and capability in the hands of design teams to help reduce errors, eliminate repetitive tasks, improve project quality and increase operational efficiency and profitability.

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Boost Revit® project efficiency with Graitec PowerPack

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Powerpack for Revit | GRAITEC CANADA


Why buy Powerpack for Revit

Speed up daily repetitive tasks, increase productivity,reduce errors and enable workflows with Graitec Design Software.

Link to Excel

Create an interactive, bi-directional link between the Autodesk Revit® project and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Family Manager

The Family Manager optimizes content creation and facilitates collaborative work, to guarantee effective coordination and ensure coherence between project elements within an agency or a design office

Element Lookup

Element Lookup provides advanced searching features that offer the flexibility needed to allow easy object selection based on their characteristics, and for batch-processing purposes.


Numbering and renumbering is made easy for all elements such as grids, levels, rooms, structural elements, ducts, doors, elements, etc.

Work Tracker

Records the time spent by a user on a project or file from Autodesk Revit® and creates activity charts, which can later be used to create activity reports.

BIM Connect

A suite of collaboration and interoperability tools to exchange BIM models between Revit and Graitec Design Software.

Powerpack for Revit | GRAITEC CANADA

The 5 key benefits of Powerpack for Revit

Wide range of commands that aim to boost productivity

Use advanced features to reduce errors on repetitive tasks or complex manipulation on Revit model

Take benefits of a complete BIM workflow based on GTCX file format, enabling advanced data and model exchange between Revit and Graitec Design Software.

Take advantage of a large set of tools to manage and control your Revit Projects, from batch upgrade, and export to tracking time spent on working on a Revit file.

Regular updates with numerous customer driven enhancements

Why choose GRAITEC

Best solutions to get your projects on time & under budget

Dedicated experts to help you increase your productivity

Complete trainings to improve your team's efficiency

Worldwide leader in AEC & MFG system integration

Powerpack for Revit | GRAITEC CANADA

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Powerpack for Revit | GRAITEC CANADA

Powerpack for Revit key features

Discover now how Powerpack for Revit can perfectly match your projects.
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Batch Export

This new command is a general functionality to export Revit Sheets and Revit views into multiple target formats.
Thus, users will be able to quickly export Revit® views to any available format (PDF, IFC, NWC, DXF), all at once.

Pipe Openings

The Pipe Openings command creates and cuts openings in building elements around MEP components. It can be applied to Duct, Pipe, Conduit, and Cable Tray elements. This tool’s major advantage is the ability to check the presence of openings in all structural elements from the dialog, as well as update and apply the configuration at any time.

Add Parameter

The Add Parameters tools offer a set of commands to add shared parameters for specific types of objects, such as columns, walls, beams, slabs, lintels, and sills.
All these parameters can be used, for example, during the preparation of schedules, and can easily be used to filter the information. Parameters are updated automatically, meaning that every time you’ve made changes in the model using the above features, PowerPack will apply said changes in the model.

File Management tools

Several tools are available to help with managing Revit files!

The File Updater allows you to convert all Revit file types (.rvt, .rfa, .rte) from a previous version of the software to the latest version installed on your computer. Instead of opening and saving each file in the new version, run this command on a selected folder and it will do the work for you!

Prepare a file for linking by using the Prepare Background Model tool. Remove unnecessary views, purge unused elements, and audit the file in one step!

Finally, you can automate the removal of backup files from a specified folder, add a watermark to families, and more!

Section Box

The Section Box tools allows you to adjust the section extents by using your scroll wheel! Activate the desired plane and simply scroll the mouse wheel to adjust the cut plane location along that axis.

Split Pipes MEP

The Split Pipes tool divides the ducts and pipes into smaller segments. Its batch process divides all pipes and ducts to specified lengths, saving a significant amount of time and improving the accuracy of the final configuration.

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