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Design teams can reduce errors, eliminate repetitive tasks, and improve quality and performance with PowerPack for Revit® plugin. Architects, structural and MEP engineers, and rebar detailers . . . unlock greater efficiency on your Revit® projects.


87% increase reported in ROI with Graitec PowerPack

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Save time, reduce errors and deliver better projects with PowerPack for Revit®.


1 Automate repetitive tasks


2 Enhanced Data Management, access and populate model data more effectively in your BIM Model


3 Manage complex families and parametric content


4 Deliver Revit® projects more effectively and profitably with time-saving tools


5 Unlock the full potential of Autodesk Revit with PowerPack for Revit®, plus benefit from free, expert support to optimize your Revit experience

PowerPack for Revit | GRAITEC CANADA

Unleash Your Projects with PowerPack for Revit

PowerPack for Revit | GRAITEC CANADA


5 key benefits of PowerPack for Revit® plug-in

Streamline Your Processes  | GRAITEC CANADA
Take Control of Your Structural Engineering Models  | GRAITEC CANADA
Collaborate More Effectively  | GRAITEC CANADA
Customize Your Workflows | GRAITEC CANADA
Maximize Your Investment  | GRAITEC CANADA
  • Work more efficiently and reduce errors with automation features like Files, Family and Parameter Management. Find and edit elements in your model with Element Look Up. Generate accurate, comprehensive project documentation easily with features like Quick Dimension.

  • Automate the creation of analytical models and analytical members to develop more accurate engineering models. Identify and resolve issues with Detect Errors tools before those issues cost you time and money.

  • Collaborate more effectively with your team. Improve the way you share data and handle documentation so you can increase collaboration and reduce errors in Revit®

  • Tailor your workflows to your needs and standards with customizable Export Families, Link to Excel, and Custom Exporters in NWC or IFC.

  • You can be confident you have the tools you need to succeed, with access to the latest features and ongoing support. Regular updates are backed by GRAITEC technical experts to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

PowerPack for Revit | GRAITEC CANADA

Our customers say it best

The Powerpack’s Join/Unjoin function alone saves us several hours per project, the equivalent of hundreds of hours per year.

Alain Rossetto, IB CONCEPT, France

PowerPack for Revit® plugin offers a wide range of productivity tools for Revit®. We more particularly use the beam numbering functions and the slab/wall connection functions, which save us precious time in the creation of Revit® sections. The Powerpack’s Join/Unjoin function alone saves us several hours per project, the equivalent of hundreds of hours per year. A huge advantage for our ability to implement an increasing number of projects.

Features: Productivity in Numbering, Join/Unjoin

This is a job which would normally take up to a day to complete which has been greatly reduced to under an hour.

Stuart Hollyman, BCAL Consulting, UK

All of our Engineers make use of the PowerPack for Revit®, it gives us great efficiencies especially with the coordination of pile layouts and their number. This is a job which would normally take up to a day to complete which has been greatly reduced to under an hour. We would recommend that everyone takes the time to become familiar with the functionality and introduce it into their work flows.

Features: Efficiency with Link to Excel and Add Parameter

Discover how the PowerPack for Revit®
can perfectly match your projects.

PowerPack for Revit | Tailor your workflows to your needs and standards with customizable Link to Excel option

Link to Excel

Create an interactive, bi-directional link between your Autodesk Revit® project and Microsoft Excel® to synchronize data. Drive, control and modify your Revit® BIM model from a simple spreadsheet.

PowerPack for Revit | Family Manager

Family Manager

Centralize all your Revit® families stored in several locations. Easily find the right component, browse large company libraries, upload multiple families at once, and export or edit components in a few quick steps.

PowerPack for Revit | Element Lookup

Element Lookup

Perform a thorough instant search inside Revit® projects. Select and find specific elements, use complex filters, do custom queries based on criteria you can save as favorites.

PowerPack for Revit | Empower Revit® to number and renumber all element categoriesk


Empower Revit® to number and renumber all element categories: grids, levels, rooms, structural elements, ducts… Use customizable rules to control processing order, naming codifications and apply to your model.

PowerPack for Revit | Measure and control time spent on BIM projects

Work Tracker

Measure and control time spent on BIM projects. While working on Revit® files, track activities in the background to generate data. Create activity charts and reports and export them to Excel®.

Exchange and synchronize BIM models between Revit® and GRAITEC software

BIM Connect

Exchange and synchronize BIM models between Revit® and GRAITEC software. Choose to accept, ignore or delay changes during synchronization.

And more features to facilitate your day to day job


Save time by quickly exporting Revit® Sheets and Revit® views into multiple target formats all at once: PDF, IFC, NWC, DXF.

Check openings

Save time checking openings in structural elements from the dialog. Create and cut openings in building elements around MEP components: duct, pipe, conduits, and cable tray elements. Update and apply configuration at any time.

Add Parameter

Save time preparing schedules by adding shared parameters for a specific type of object – columns, walls, beams, slabs, lintels, or sills.
Filter information and update parameters automatically, with changes saved to the model.

File Management Tools

Stay current by converting all Revit® files (.rvt; .rfa; .rte) from a former version to your current version. Save time when updating files by running project/family/template updates in the background while you work.

Section Box

Swiftly cut through a plane in real time using a mouse-scrolled Section Box in 3D. Cut through X, Y, and Z using a drop-down icon.

Split Pipes MEP

Save time by batch processing pipes and ducts to be cut into smaller segments. Guarantee correct final configuration according to your settings.

PowerPack for Revit | GRAITEC CANADA

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New features in Version 2024

Create Analytical Model | GRAITEC CANADA
Automate Analytical Model | GRAITEC CANADA
Analytical Tools | GRAITEC CANADA
Split Columns | GRAITEC CANADA
  • Speed up Revit® analytical model generation for standard structural members: beams, columns, walls, and slabs. Create analytical members and panels based on structural selected object geometry, complete with section information.

    See Video

  • Generate analytical panels and members in real time during structural modeling in Revit®. Beams, columns, slabs, and columns can be automated when generating an analytical model with physical properties and associations.

    See Video

  • Enable a smooth engineering workflow with a flexible analytical model that can be post-treated for connections. Simple tools like Trim/Extend and Magnetize on Grids will reduce manual time needed to correct and adjust analytical models.

  • Split one or more structural or architectural columns by point(s), level(s), or reference plane(s) with specified gap offsets.

    See Video

PowerPack for Revit | GRAITEC CANADA



The 8 reasons why you should use PowerPack for Revit

Our Customer Experience Director Carl explains reasons to try PowerPack for Revit and save time when using Revit software

Boosting Revit Project Efficiency with GRAITEC PowerPack

It’s time to boost your design team’s productivity with tools that speed up modelling, documentation, and data propagation.

8 short videos that explain the advantages of using PowerPack for Revit.

  • #01 Boost Project Efficiency
  • #02 Gain Competitive Advantage
  • #03 Simplicity Accuracy Speed
  • #04 Project Management
  • #05 Modeling Performance
  • #06 Accelerate Documentation
  • #07 Seamless data Management
  • #08 The Customer Experience

Check full playlist here

PowerPack for Revit | GRAITEC CANADA

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