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Revit is a collection of tools to help support designers across the construction industry. Revit has tools specifically designed for architectural, structural engineering, mechanical, and electrical design. Revit also supports the coordination of multi-discipline models

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Why use Revit

Help architects and engineers model using real-world intelligent components that can be shared from a design

BIM Coordination

Unify the architectural model with other disciplines such as the structural model and MEP designs

Architectural Modelling

Add intelligent architectural elements to the model including walls, doors, windows and custom components

Structural Steel Modelling

Model connections with a high level of detail, using the built-in and custom parametric steel connections

HVAC Design and Documentation

Generate complex pipe and duct systems while using the internal flow analysis tools

Conceptual Design Tools

Sketch and create freeform models and use the built-in massing study tools to further enhance your ideas


Benefit from automatic schedules delivering the ability to add complex formulas to further enhance the information required


The 5 key benefits of Revit

Coordinate your designs with other disciplines

Design electrical, mechanical, and pipework components in a true 3D environment

Use the architectural modelling tools to generate an intelligent design

Automate the creation of complex schedules, minimising wasted time and mistakes

Use tools such as Dynamo and Generative Design to help automate tasks

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Need to go further with PowerPack for Revit?

PowerPack for Revit is speeding up repetive tasks with a large set of productivity tools, highly customizable to save time in several area


Empower your software with Powerpack

PowerPack for Revit is speeding up repetive tasks with a large set of productivity tools, highly customizable to save time in several area. This high level of automation of the features minimize risk and reduce errors for several type of actions applied in the model.


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This specific feature will automatically
generate clean intersections, by creating
rules between categories (floor, wall, foundations).


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