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Vault product data management (PDM) software helps businesses manage their data through a central location, adding control and permissions to individual users. It can also help reduce errors and save time on projects through modernised workflows.

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Why use Vault

Better manage your design and engineering data and take control of your product data processes.

Direct CAD Integration

Manage CAD data in one easy-to-use interface. Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD fully integrate with Vault

Data Reuse and Design Automation

Copy designs from one project to another, or copy individual parametric components

Concurrent Design

Open a full parametric model to multiple users in real-time

Revision Control Management

Automatically track changes and maintain previous versions of designs

Data Standardisation

Set standards that are managed by Vault, thereby ensuring uniformity across all projects

Projects and Reporting

Access a full reporting dashboard, offering clear, visual feedback on project status


The 5 key benefits of Vault

Manage CAD data for several tools in one interface

Copy designs and components to other projects

Ensure that multiple users can work on one project in real-time

Standardise best practices across all projects

Access full project reporting capabilities

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Need to go further PowerPack for Vault

Life cycle status not being completed correctly.

Empower your software with Powerpack

Use The intergrated ‘Status change restrictions’ tool to prevent the change in a lifecycle of a component within the valut. Forcing the user to follow the correct process prior to any lifecycle change.

Creation of an Entire Assembly output required in DXF, PDF formats
Use the options ‘Export Structure to PDF/DXF’ to select an assemble within the vault and then export the entire assembly with its collective parts into an required Format of PDF/DXF.



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