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Join the award-winning Bridging the Gap podcast on our construction innovation and digital transformation adventure with a mission to model the future for this great industry. The podcast gives voice to the incredible things happening in and around construction.

Each week, host Todd Weyandt seeks out conversations with the leaders and innovators advancing construction in technology with distinctive perspectives.

Innovation comes in all forms, and the best ones are grounded in a practical reality, because without that it simply does not work. We are on a mission to reclaim the word innovation and bring it back to its proper place. Our “battlefield” is the construction industry. It is a place where, at first glance, innovation does not seem to appear all that often. However, that is a dramatic misread of the industry. Every week, we talk to brilliant and passionate construction innovators throughout the industry who are modeling the future.

Bridging the Gap podcast | GRAITEC CANADA

This is an exciting time to be part of the construction industry.

Not only do we have creative minds helping push the industry forward, but the time and technology are ripe for construction to lead the way over the next decade. This is the place to be if you like innovation, technology and a society-shaping industry.

The truth is the construction industry is at the start of an industrial revolution and is primed for a dramatic and exciting renovation.

So, if you are interested in the future of construction, building a sustainable tomorrow, industrialized construction, and much more subscribe today and join the adventure: Bridging the Gap Podcast

Meet the Host

Todd Weyandt seeks out enlightening conversations with industry experts who are changing the technological landscape. Engaging a wide range of international voices, he champions an industry dialogue that supports companies as they try new things, advance and thrive. He is on a mission to embrace and share the innovations transforming construction across the globe.