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GRAITEC offers a wide range of Autodesk courses covering all industries and projects. GRAITEC courses range from standard off-the-shelf Autodesk recognized courses to fully customized training programs. GRAITEC works closely to offer courses that align with Autodesk’s new accelerator program, ensuring that the customer receives the best-in-class training.

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Check out our calendar for the training classes we offer for Autodesk software solutions. Online or offline courses, it’s up to you. Click below to select the product you need training for to see all the available training programs, or click here to see all training programs. If you have a specific request for a special training program, please visit our Customized Program page.

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Autodesk courses | GRAITEC CANADA


CAD courses and CAD training are essential requirements for companies and businesses that have invested in computer aided design software. Instructor-led CAD courses are by far the quickest way for a business to realize a return on investment and maximize productivity in the shortest possible time frame.

GRAITEC now offers flexible and Autodesk Certified online training to help you meet all your Autodesk software training requirements.


2D CAD training tends to be centered around the Autodesk world-class 2D drafting software AutoCAD. AutoCAD training is the initial experience for most students, architects and mechanical designers around the world.

AutoCAD still has a huge following and is the design and drafting tool of choice for many businesses and disciplines. However, the need for increased productivity and a shorter time to market has spawned a new breed of 3D computer design software and 3D modelling for architectural projects, industrial design, engineering, and product design.

3D CAD training is an altogether different challenge. Unlike 2D CAD training, which can be fairly generic across industry disciplines, 3D CAD training courses tend to be industry specific. In most cases the 3D CAD software will be specially developed for a particular discipline and are best led by industry experienced instructors.

Autodesk courses | GRAITEC CANADA
Autodesk courses | GRAITEC CANADA

GRAITEC is an Autodesk certified training center and provides CAD training on a variety of Autodesk software plaforms. Courses include but are not limited to:

Design and visualization
Autodesk Vault
Mechanical CAD
Electrical CAD
Architectural CAD

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Autodesk courses | GRAITEC CANADA

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