Advance Workshop automates railings production


Advance Workshop automates railings production

Description of the project

ALUDOR, leader in aluminum railing, currently produces some 186 miles of custom aluminum railings per year. Present in over 50 countries worldwide, ALUDOR has diversified its activity over the past 10 years, today producing aluminum gates marketed through a network of professionals. The nexus company, ALUDOR’s Design and Engineering Department is responsible for validating the feasibility of each project and providing the elements necessary for the manufacture and installation.
Currently, drawing are produces in 2D using CAD software. The problem is how to enter the BOMs, considering quantitative elements and references.


Railings are systematically custom-made, adapted to the amount of concrete in the plateform.
ALUDOR was looking for a highly efficient system that would help accelerate the design study phase. The study must allow the Design and Engineering Department to generate a 3D volume visualization of the railings. The goal is to be able to use the different technical data in the production, sales, and supply chain. It then has to integrate the management of a large number of ranges of gates (>200) including regular new “collections”.


Advance Workshop solution was deployed. This allowed ALUDOR to ensure the integrated management of the supply, production and sales chains, based on our ultra-powerful and adaptable configurator. The first ranges were configured with the help of our teams. The ALUDOR project team was then rapidly able to configure the additional ranges by itself, without any assistance on our part.

Thanks to the graphical configurator, the number of files studied by designer and by month has increased from 40 to 200. The technical specifications signed by the customers now include a 3D volume visualization of the railings, and the success rate has improved significantly.

Thanks to the graphical configurator, producing reliable design studies is now a straightforward process. This has allowed ALUDOR to set up an extensive franchise network in different countries around the world for the implementation of its products.

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