Advance Workshop introduces efficiency in Rebar



Description of the project

The company Armatures Sarl* produces 180 T of rebars per month, assembled, cut and bent, and sells trade products. It is equipped with a mobile cutting bench, a straightening and moulding machine, a framing machine for diameters up to 12 mm, a mechanical bender and a bar shear. The company employs five welders for the assembly. The average diameter of the bars is 9.8 mm. In the office, one person takes care of the detailing, and the manager and another employee share the administrative workload concerning the management of purchases, sales and stock.


This company was looking for an integrated software and hardware solution. The functional coverage required included detailing, the production schedule depending on the requirements of the construction site, editing of labels (manufacturing and shipping) and other manufacturing orders, easy uploading of production machines, management of delivery slips, and invoicing. The sale of trade products represents a significant part of the company’s activity and therefore had to be taken into account. The recording of invoice payments was considered an added benefit to facilitate the monitoring of outstanding customer payments.

In addition, the production manager wanted to know the productivity and output of his welders in order to implement a bonus scheme.

Third-party software is used for accounting and payroll. The customer therefore wanted all invoicing information (purchases and sales) to be automatically transferred to this software to save time and reduce the risk of error.


The implementation of the solution was carried out over a period of 10 weeks and included the following stages:

·    Project management.

·    Order and configuration of the computer and industrial equipment.

·    Installation of the database and configuration of the standard market parameters.

·    Preparation of the downloading protocol for the framing machine with connection to the manufacturer.

·    Preparation of the sales interface with connection to the accounting software publisher.

·    Adaptation of documents (orders, delivery slips, invoices, labels) according to the specifications drawn up with the customer.

·    On-site training for three users.

The implemented solution fully meets all the company’s requirements. Thanks to Advance Workshop Software, the manager is assured of the absolute integrity of his data and can use the statistics generated in his decision-making process. The shop supervisor can now better monitor the productivity of his team of welders, the level of which has increased since the introduction of the bonus scheme. The person in charge of detailing can now answer customer queries on the status of future deliveries much more quickly and accurately.

The external accountant is delighted to be able to integrate a data file in his software that takes him less time and avoids errors.

(*) Company names have been changed

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