How to keep your job using Revit

The purpose of this document is to identify common pitfalls that
need to be avoided, how to avoid them, and, where possible, how to recover from issues that arise from them.


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Life can become unnecessarily frustrating and stressful when your Revit models are bloated, corrupt, and difficult to navigate. This document points out common errors that even experienced Revit users make and offers ways to avoid them to keep file sizes small, data integrity intact, and life much less stressful. Included are powerful productivity tips that are easy to implement.

  • Learn how to utilize proven techniques to avoid model corruption and loss of data.
  • Learn how to take preventive action to keep your file size from becoming unnecessarily large.
  • Learn how to utilize proper view management to achieve more consistency in your construction documents and avoid frustration and file size bloat.
  • Understand effective ways of working with worksets and worksharing in Revit.
  • Avoid common pitfalls.

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