HSMWorks is CAM software that simplifies your machining workflow with CAD/CAM integration

HSM Works – Features | GRAITEC Spain

Integrated CAD/CAM

HSMWorks allows you to make use of a familiar interface, helping you to work within the design tools with full integration to SolidWorks. This drives up project efficiency and team productivity

2.5 and 3-axis Milling

With the HSMWorks software solution, you can use the full suite of 2.5 and 3-axis milling strategies. This helps to optimise your whole approach to milling design

3+2 and Simultaneous 5-axis

You can leverage the simple, easy-to-use tools available with HSMWorks to streamline the setup and tighten feature tolerances, thereby helping to optimise your entire design

AutoCAD Connectivity

You can use the HSMWorks software solution to connect your SolidWorks files to Fusion 360 and unlock the advanced design tools, thereby helping to drive design efficiency

HSM Works – Features | GRAITEC Spain
HSM Works – Features | GRAITEC Spain

Machine Simulation

The use of HSMWorks  enables you to simulate the machine tool whilst checking the spindle and machine components, before you commit to the full design

Turning and Mill-turn

With the help of HSMWorks, you can deliver program turning operations from 2-axis to mill-turn with a consistent workflow. This helps streamline project delivery

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