June 2017 – GRAITEC, an international BIM, Fabrication and Design software developer for AEC, and Autodesk® Platinum Partner in US and across Europe, is delighted to announce the launch of its new GRAITEC Advance Suite 2018, providing the very best modelling and design software solutions to AEC and Fabrications markets.

GRAITEC has continuously strived to provide first-rate advancements for innovative software solutions to its valued customers, and the recent launch of its new and upgraded product range for 2017 is no exception, proving they are still top of their game in terms of providing top-level Construction, AEC and Building Design software solutions worldwide.

Joseph PAIS, GRAITEC Product Director comments: "We are constantly encouraged by the excellent and constructive feedback of our numerous users across the globe. We are convinced that the latest enhancements and new functionality that GRAITEC Advance 2018 delivers will match our customer's expectations and will help them to achieve their challenges using the most powerful set of productivity tools"

Advance Design 2018: BIM software for FEM structural analysis

Advance Design was specifically developed for industry professionals that require a superior solution for the structural analysis and design of Reinforced Concrete, Steel and Timber structures, according to the latest versions of Eurocodes (EC0, EC1, EC2, EC3, EC5 and EC8), North American (ACI / AISC) codes and Canadian codes (A23.3, S16). Advance Design is part of the GRAITEC Advance suite and provides, together with Autodesk® Advance Steel and Revit®, a dedicated BIM structural workflow supporting export, importing and synchronization mechanisms.


This version 2018 of Advance Design is enhanced with a lot of new functionalities with high benefits for the end user:

Advance Design 2018: BIM software for FEM structural analysis

    • Advance Design 2018 becomes more and more an international FEM system, including a brand new 3D climatic generator according to the US code ASCE 7-10, the update of the Canadian codes according to the latest NBC2015 and the implementation of the Slovak national appendix for Eurocodes.
    • The new "Design group" concept, linked to the BIM Designers and Revit®, was introduced in order to support an even more intelligent and productive structural BIM workflow.
    • Several improvements dedicated to the steel industry:
- Steel decks
- Local bow imperfections (in addition to the existing global imperfections) with a 2nd order analysis
- Tapered steel elements
- New clip angles and gusset plate connections
- A brand new "Advance Design Connection", able to design any kind of 3D connection using a new method called Component Based Finite Element Model (CBFEM).

Advance Design 2018 is the invaluable tool for all your projects.

Advance Workshop 2018: MIS solution for Steel Fabricators

Improvements to the GRAITEC Advance PowerPack for Revit® 2018 cover requests of multiple categories of users and as a result, the new tools included in this version are applicable to a large variety of projects. These include, besides Structural and Architectural functionalities, a new set of tools dedicated to MEP models in particular.

As a consequence, it was necessary for the ribbon to be re-organized in order to include the new functionalities, for a user-friendly program interface. Since the new tools are embedded amongst the old ones, users are already familiar with the panels and the layout of the icons, and will still have the possibility to customize the ribbon depending on their own needs.

The version does, however, come with major change in the ribbon: the migration of the "Reinforcement" panel from PowerPack for Revit to the Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers application, as a result of users desire for a more compact reinforcement package, to include calculation, cage generation, drawings, reports and detailing, all in one place.

Advance PowerPack for Advance Steel 2018: Productivity add-on for Autodesk® Advance Steel

Compatible with Autodesk® Advance Steel 2018, the GRAITEC Advance PowerPack for Advance Steel introduces a wide selection of exclusive joints, tools and utilities for Advance Steel users. The PowerPack now includes the new Structural Designer modules which allow the Advance Steel user to generate a parametric 3D frame in a few clicks! Including the tapered beams and the mezzanines management.

Advance PowerPack for Advance Steel 2018: Productivity add-on for Autodesk Advance Steel®

Several new steel connections are also available to handle Curved End Plates welded or bolted, Header Beams, single or double Omega and U sections purlins, Pipe joint... The new PowerPack for Advance Steel® 2018 also enhance a new "Joint Multi Edit" tool developed to allow the selection of similar joints and modify the options\geometry for all the selected joints.

Steel Structure Designer: Extensive range of Building definitions and tools

GRAITEC Store Advance PowerPack

The Steel Structure Designer allows the user to quickly configure complete steel structures in a wide variety of shapes and is fully compatible with Autodesk® Advance Steel and GRAITEC Advance Design. The 2018 version is now embedded in the PowerPack for Advance Steel 2018® and still available also in Advance Design® 2018.


The new Steel Structure Designer module comes with an enriched library of preconfigured templates, now including tapered beams and Mezzanine under special buildings category.

With options for controlling all aspects of setting out or designing a steel structure including column placement, floor management, bracing types, gables walls, openings, and even side rails and roofing systems, including cladding - which is instantly trimmed to the area and around openings and should alone save hours, the Steel Structure Designer is a powerful building configurator that reduces modelling time to a fraction of the time compared with standard modelling practices.

Advance BIM Designers Series 2018: Automating structural design-to-detail apps

GRAITEC Advance BIM Designers are series of apps dedicated to streamlining structural BIM workflows, for automating the traditional design and modelling processes and the production of technical documentation, and are capable of working on multiple platforms.

This version 2018 of the Advance BIM Designers is a real milestone bringing new features and more rebar functionalities, offering new innovative packages and streamlining the BIM workflow. In this version, the Advance BIM Designers are grouped under 2 series: Concrete Series and Steel Series.

The Concrete Series of the BIM Designers are now proposed in 2 professional packages:

  • Advance BIM Designers - Concrete Series - Rebar Detailing;
  • Advance BIM Designers - Concrete Series - Rebar Design & Detailing.

For the Steel series, 2 new packages are created:

  • Advance BIM Designers - Steel Series - Stairs & Railings;
  • Advance BIM Designers - Steel Series - Connection.

Advance BIM Designers – Concrete Series: Design-driven reinforcement calculation.

The Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers enable a truly connected and automated structural BIM workflow, leveraging both BIM data and multi-platform integration. The BIM Designer Series introduce radical changes including a high-degree of automation to traditional structural workflows. The Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers for Columns, Beams and Footings are compatible with GRAITEC Advance Design, integrated in Autodesk® Revit® 2018, and also available as a standalone solution.

One of the new key features of the Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers Series is the "Design Group Concept".

Advance BIM Designers - Concrete Series: Design-driven reinforcement calculation

The benefits of this design group concept are :

    • Easy management of columns / foundations and their reinforcement details in groups, which saves time when updating a project model.
    • Produce identical 3D rebar cages for all grouped elements (hence, a single drawing sheet, but with a rebar schedule that takes into account all elements in the group).
    • Define the same geometry properties or material for all elements in a group, more precisely, having the possibility to assign the same parameters for a selection of elements;


  • Detect the Theoretical Reinforcement Envelope for a group of elements and generating a real reinforcement cage.

A lot of enhancements come with this new release such as customizable annotations and bending details, synchronization of multiple elements, Improvements to calculation speed using multi process approach, Non-linear second order calculation method, External loads along the column height, Spring supports for columns, Multi-layer soil profile, Improved GRAITEC custom families...

The Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers can be applied at any stage of the process to support multiple workflows from completely isolated process to a fully connected BIM.

Advance BIM Designers - Steel Series: Design to detailing modules for steel constructions.

GRAITEC Store Advance BIM Designers

Stair & Railing Designer 2018

Steel Railing Designer 2018 is fully compatible with Autodesk® Advance Steel 2018 and sees enhancements such as balanced stair with one flight or three flights, infill panels for standard railings, and key clamp railings. One of the new key features of the Railing Designer is the infill panells, esthetical, functional, safe and very easy to use. They can be used for guidance, support, and as protective barrier to prevent accidental falls.

The new Fillings option offers the possibility to create a panel between the posts inside the macro. Panels can be made of pickets, plates, gratings.

Key clamp railings represent an alternative to the "classic" welded rails, with multiple advantages.

Steel Connection Designer 2018

The Steel Connection Designer is an interactive connection designer for calculating common steel connections including Base Plate, Moment End Plate and Apex Haunch to Eurocode EC3. Supporting international design codes, the Steel Connection Designer is compatible with Advance Design 2018. The release 2018 of the Steel Connection Designer comes with 2 new joints : clip angle and

A Clip Angle joint is used for connecting a floor beam to another beam, or a column to a beam. The attached beam can be sloped to the main one. The angles are bolted or welded to the main beam. A third beam can be enabled whenever the clip angle connection is applied on the main beam web.

A Gusset joint connects bracing members using gusset plates. The number of bracing members that can be enabled can vary from one to three.

BIM Connect 2018: Bidirectional intelligent BIM model sharing

This powerful, free plugin for Autodesk® Revit® from GRAITEC provides bi-directional, intelligent Structural Building Information Modeling (BIM) model sharing, including the transfer of FEM results data, between GRAITEC engineering and fabrication solutions (Advance Design, Arche, SuperSTRESS, Advance Workshop, etc) and Autodesk® Revit® and Autodesk® Advance Steel products.

BIM Connect 2018 is fully compatible with Revit® 2018 and comes with improvements to synchronization control, retaining materials when section changes, definitions of circular sections by the radius or diameter and more. Important enhancements see improved transfer method of efforts from Advance Design to Revit® as well as ways to manage stacked walls, which are no longer exported from the Revit® model, creating seamless structural BIM workflows.