It used to be difficult to assign a specific license from a pool of licenses on the same server, but with the 2021 release, a new tool for managing network licenses has been added.

The About window has been modified in every GRAITEC product to accommodate this feature.

By opening the Network Status under the License tab, a user can switch between licenses on the same server or licenses on different servers.

This is how it works

First, you will need to have many licenses activated on the same server, and the client computer connected to said server:

  1. Open the product and go to the About In this example, I will open Revit and navigate to the PowerPack tab.

The About button

  1. Once the window opens, click on the License Here you will find details about the license that is currently in use. If you click on the Details button, the features present in your license will display.

License information


  • 3. Click on Network Status to open the license management feature.

Network Status


  • 4. The new window displays a list of all the active licenses that include features for the current product. Additionally, you can set the product to either check out a license Automatically (the default assignment type for the licenses) or assign one by choosing Manual Selection.

Automatically command will check a random license out of the pool of licenses once the product is launched or when initializing a tool.

By default, it is set to Automatically


With the  Manual selection command, you can choose a license from the list and it will always be loaded when using the product.

Manual selection lets you select one of the licenses from the list


  • 5. Select Manual Selection and pick one of the licenses from the list. Apply changes and close the window. The new license will become active after closing and reopening the product. Every time you open the product again, the same license will be loaded.

Selecting a license from the list and Applying changes


If you wish to take another license or switch to Automatically, make the appropriate selections in the same window and Apply the changes.

Let’s see a couple of workflow examples

  • Switching to another license on the same server

The company has one PowerPack Professional license with 2 seats, and 2 PowerPack Standard licenses with one seat each. I open Revit and can’t use the professional features in PowerPack.

 License error for the Numbering tool


I open the About window and navigate to the Network Status. My license assignment is set to Automatically and I notice that there are two other users on the server and actively working in PowerPack.


Assignment and Users


Since I am not able to use the Professional features, I assume that both have requested and checked out the seats. I ask one of the users to manually switch to a standard license.

After the user confirms that he applied the changes, I can manually check out one of the Professional license seats.



Switching and applying the changes


Close and reopen the application so that the new license will be loaded. After this step, the features specific for PowerPack Professional are available.


Using the Numbering feature


  • Switching to another license on another server

My company has two servers to which all computers should be connected.  To add another server, open the License Utility and add in the new server address or name:


Adding another server by not selecting the checkbox



You mustn't select “Overwrite existing GRAITEC license settings” when adding the new server. By leaving it unchecked, the new server will be added to the registry key and not replace the old one.


To verify if this process was done correctly, verify the registry key GRAITEC_LICENSE_FILE from Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Graitec\License Manager.


Registry key with two licenses


Also, you can manually edit the registry key and add the new server after “;” in the same format as the previous one: <7621>@<server name or IP>. (see example above).

Now that the work station is connected to both servers, I can open the product and select a license activated on the other one.

I open the Network Status and observe that I can now choose from more licenses than before. Every element in the list also provides information regarding the server.


Server information for every license


My license was a PowerPack Professional on server, but I now want to take a GRAITEC Advance license, on server Poseidon. I manually switch to the new element in the list and Apply.


Switching to a license on another server


A new registry key is added, named ASSIGNMENTS, which limits my products to only use one license.


The Assignments registry key


After closing and reopening the product, I can use the license.

Key points about the feature

  • After manually taking a license, that license will be active every time you open the product. If you want to switch to something else, use the tool to manually or automatically assign.
  • The tool will display only licenses that contain features for the product. Additionally, it will show the users that are actively working with a license.


The switch tool in Advance Design


The switch tool in PowerPack for Revit


  • You can manually select licenses for more than one product. I now have a PowerPack and an Advance Design license, and this information is reflected in the registry key, Assignments.


Used feature and license serial number being displayed