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Graitec Opentree (formerly Cabinet) Opentree is a BIM compliant document management system for Architectural and Engineering companies. It is specifically designed and configured to help with demanding document control requirements by effectively managing CAD drawings, project files and associated documentation to the latest demanding ISO 19650 standards.

The Opentree team (part of the Graitec group) have proven legacy spanning over 25 years and a history of successful development, delivery and ongoing support of documentation and drawing management software, to the most demanding of industry regulatory compliance standards.

Architectural and Engineering Document Control Challenges

The acceleration in the amount of data being generated by 3D CAD systems such as Revit and subsequently requiring management, together with a tightening of data standards is putting pressure on traditional document control and drawing management procedures.

Most traditional processes will still be working but are already struggling to cope with the increasing demand.

Additional data is also adding an unwelcome administration burden on teams who are increasingly spending more time on typical work in progress data management tasks and less time on fee earning activities.

Couple that with increasing expectation to deliver completed external projects to a common data environment (CDE), such as AconexAsiteBIM360Microsoft SharepointViewpoint etc. where a single project requires thousands of individual gateway actions,  and practices often find themselves experiencing an additional layer of complexity.

This of course also leads to a ramp up of associated data management costs further impacting business profitability and productivity.

How Opentree Helps You

Opentree delivers an easy to use file and drawing management system that streamlines and accelerates day to day internal workflows that are fully compliant to ISO 19650 standards, controlling typical CAD files (AutoCAD, Revit, MicroStation etc.), project files, office documents and other associated project data.

This includes the full document workflow including revision controls from work in progress (WIP), through to the sharing and publishing stages of the document control process to either internal data systems behind your firewall such as local servers, Sharepoint etc., your own internal CDE or even automation the publication of client transmittals.

Deploying Graitec Opentree across your practice or team will help you achieve a huge reduction in the number of unproductive and costly manual drawing management tasks your teams perform daily, whilst giving your business (large or small) enterprise class BIM document and data management control, robust audit trailsBIM ISO 19650 compliancy and a very welcome reduction in manual errors and non-billable processes.

Opentree can help by literally slashing the amount of time your teams spend on WIP data management by up to 80%, resulting in very substantial time savings across the business.

To find out more about how Opentree Document Management for Architects & Engineers can help overcome your data management challenges, click on the link below to arrange a call or read on for additional information.

Revit Document Management

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Creating your Architectural or Engineering vision in a 3D model delivers huge benefits including the ability make rapid changes right across the model and a centralised model giving a single point of truth.

The downside to this however as everyone knows, is then managing the Revit drawing sheets produced by the model and ensuring the right revision is being worked on across the internal and external teams. This of course also includes any shared data for example IFC files, office documents, AutoCAD drawings or even pdf’s.

Revit drawing sheet management becomes so much easier and less time consuming with Opentree's document control and drawing management system, giving you the ability to automatically populate Revit drawing title blocks with essential project data and automate Revit drawing numbering to defined project numbering schema. This includes file naming, suitability naming and even status and revision codes to ISO 19650 standard.

Get in touch today to explore how we can help you with your Revit Document Management challenges.

Automate your Publish to CDE Workflow

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The rapid onset in the adoption of BIM workflows in the UK, and now across Europe and worldwide has driven the demand for project data to made available in a single location, so that all stakeholders have a “single source of truth” to reference graphical and non-graphical project documentation.

Common data environments are here to stay and publishing project data to a Common Data Environment (CDE) has become a time and resource hungry challenge for most practices with a straight forward project generating many thousands of gateway actions (time taken for a single document creation).

Publication of a single drawing with only a couple of linked files is typically within the 15 – 20-minute time range. Times that by the sheer number of files needing to be published for a typical project and it is not hard to understand the huge internal cost and reduction in billable time performing this manually can be.

Also, as the trend to ask for information earlier in the project lifecycle is becoming more common, publishing requirements are growing.

With Opentree AEC document management software you are working in a structured data environment which means that you will be able to automatically externally publish your projects to industry leading Common Data Environment portals for example Aconex, Asite, Autodesk BIM360, Viewpoint for projects etc. or even Microsoft Sharepoint in just a few minutes saving up to 80% of time compared to manual processes.

To find out how Graitec Opentree can automate and streamline your publish to CDE workflows simply contact us to arrange a discussion.

Typical Benefits of Data Management Software

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Effective data management has always been a challenge across multiple industry sectors for as long drawings have been produced, with many companies historically managing data and revision control with spreadsheets and windows folder structures.

However, with data demands becoming increasingly complex, historical methods are struggling to keep pace and meet the demands of new workflows and compliance standards. Automated structured data systems are set to become the new standard for Architectural and Engineering document management, delivery a plethora of user and business benefits including:

  • Built in ISO 19650 compliancy
  • Elimination of uncontrolled documents
  • Robust version and issue control
  • Consistent folder structures
  • Template management
  • Eradication of duplication
  • Fast data access
  • Strong audit controls
  • Reduction in management overhead
  • Automated transmittal creation
  • And so much more……….

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