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How We Achieve Success

With over 25 years’ experience helping Architectural, Engineering and Manufacturing businesses to adopt new drawing and document management systems, we have created a process that streamlines the implementation and minimises disruption to your daily business.

When adopting new technology, it is important to clearly communicate the “why” ensuring there is buy in at all levels. We take the time to listen to your business goals and objectives, provide solution ideas that help drive real change and meet those objectives head on. In parallel we communicate clearly to all parties involved to drive real adoption and return on investment. 

Opentree Document Management Implementation Services - Access to the Right Experts

Access to the Right Experts

Graitec Opentree Implementation Services - Methodology

Our Methodology

Opentree Document Management Implementation Services - Standardised Services

Standardised Services

Opentree Implementation Services - Successful Adoption Approach

Successful Adoption Approach

Opentree Implementation Services - Support

Graitec Support

Opentree Implementation - 8 Step Process to Success

Opentree Document Management Implementation - Step 1

Step 1

Discuss with one of our experienced business consultants on how we can address your drawing and document management challenges.

Opentree Document Management Implementation - Step 2

Step 2

On our IT qualification call we assess your current IT infrastructure against our system requirements to ensure a successful installation.

Step 3

A project kick off call introduces you to the Opentree team working on your implementation. We discuss the services, overall approach, plan, key roles and responsibilities to ensure all parties are clear on the objectives.

Step 4

Our services are delivered effectively with proven project management practices and expertise. The project plan is agreed with all parties and communicated effectively throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Step 5

Spend time with a configuration manager to discuss your organisations requirements and how Opentree will be configured. Benefit from our teams expert knowledge to understand best practices and process improvements.

Opentree Document Management Implementation - Step 6

Step 6

Opentree will provide you with a document detailing your Opentree system configuration. All workflows and processes are captured giving you time to digest, understand, make any necessary changes and agree.

Opentree Document Management Implementation - Step 6

Step 7

Prior to “Go Live” User Acceptance Testing enables your business to verify system set up in accordance to the scope.

Opentree Document Management Implementation - Step 8

Step 8

To maximise user adoption we setup weekly Teams calls for user feedback. This helps user engagement and the optimisation of Opentree post “Go Live”.

Want to learn more about the Opentree Implementation Process?

Click on the button below to get in touch with the Graitec Opentree team and we will be in contact within 1 working day to answer all your document management questions.

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