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If you are a professional in the AEC industry, Graitec PowerPack for Advance Steel is the right add on for you! With over 15 years experience on Advance Steel, Graitec has designed this set of tools to improve your everyday work and help you deliver projects with increased productivity and efficiency.

As a user-centric powerful extension of Autodesk Advance Steel, the PowerPack extends Advance Steel functionalities by enhancing tools to provide better control and accuracy. Each new functionality is created to reassure you have an essential productivity companion.

Productivity and BIM

Expertly localized, the PowerPack for Advance Steel introduces tools for automating modeling tasks, new connections, new types of Stairs and Railings, new BOM and drawing templates, the ability to create a variety of new section types such as cellular and corrugated beams, as well as a wide range of Cold Rolled suppliers' profiles and parametric connections which adapt to the supplier profile.

Besides the productivity tools, the managing ones are offering a higher control of your files and smooth up the workflow between Advance Steel and Graitec software, so you can have a great BIM experience.

GRAITEC Advantage: Key to Success

With all our software solutions we offer a Graitec Advantage Maintenance Contract. This maintenance contract is the solution to perpetuate your investment with the following benefits:

All product updates and upgrades are available during the term of the agreement. These updates can be minor or major versions.

By phone, e-mail, or remote access our dedicated team will assist you for all your questions around our solutions simplifying your daily tasks.

Access to a dedicated customer portal with a personal user account. Tutorials, documentations, downloads are available in this area.


Multi Joint Edit

Change or update similar joints in a single command.

Gratings and Plates Border

Add a border to a plate or grating with a rectangular or polygonal contour.

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Folded Plate Extender

Adds a folded plate to an existing plate.

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Glass Panel Utility

Define structural glazing panels and apply to populate your model.

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Lifting Lug Utility

Add lifting lugs or holes around the center of gravity of a selection or assembly.

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Catalog Manager

Create and manage castellated beam supplier catalogs.

Platform Cover Creator

Automatically create grating or plate cover based on the selected supporting members.

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Floor Cover Macro

Cover an area with standard size grating panels/plates of specified dimensions.

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Castellated Beam

Create castellated beams from catalogs or defined by the user.

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Corrugated Beams

Draw corrugated beams.

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Cellular Beam Creator

Draw cellular beams.

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Beam Continuous

Draw beams continuously.

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Beam Repeat

Draw and edit multiple sections at once.

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Beams with Openings

Create beams with user-defined openings

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Spiral Beam Line

Define spiral beams or lines

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Header Beam

Add a header beam connection between column and beam/rafter complete with stiffeners and bolts.

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Beam Lengthen

Extend or shorten the end of the selected beam.

PowerPack for Advance Steel extends the standard library with a variety of parametric and intelligent advanced connections.

Special Part Manager

Based on the user input, the manager assembles different special parts, which can be used subsequently, in specific joints.

Threaded Rod Connections

Create a rod with round or square cross-section between two elements (beams, plates, gratings) or points.

Curved Element Cut

Accurately cut any straight or folded plate, section or tube to fit the profile of a curved tube.

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Purlin Connections

Create single or double purlin connections with plates, add folded plate connections for cold-rolled purlins or add additional sections inside the Omega Purlin to form a bolted connection.

Tube to Tube Connection

Create a connection between 2 tubes with holes and weld positions.

Plates on Profile Connection

Create a plate on each face of a section profile

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 Intersection Connection

Connect intersecting sections with packer-plates or section profile

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Support Plate Connection

Create support stiffeners from a plate

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Create Stiffeners

Add stiffeners at any point along a beam, adjust to any beam shape or profile

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Asymmetrical Pattern

Creates patterns of bolts/anchors/holes/shear studs, which are non-uniformly spaced

Plate for Multiple Bracings

Creates a polygonal, circular or rectangular gusset plate between two or more bracings.

Curved End Plate

Create a welded or bolted curved plate connection

Compound sections

Create Back to back connections, splice connections for beams/columns, or add multiple stiffeners to a compound beam.

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Plate & Grating Stiffeners

Add multiple stiffeners on top or below plates or gratings

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Staggered Connection

Create staggered patterns of holes, bolts, anchors or studs.

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Cold Rolled: Anti-Sag

Wide range of connections (Side Rail and Roof - Anti Sag, Sag Rod and Tube, Apex Tie Anti Sag and Sag Rod), for main cold rolled suppliers in Europe.

Cold Rolled Joint: Non-Continuous Purlin

Cleat from plate or angle. Stays can be also created

Cold Rolled Joint - Single/Double Purlin

Cleat from folded plate, flat, angle or custom profile. Stays and sleeves can be also created.

The Steel Structure Designer incorporates an extensive range of building definitions and tools enabling users to configure complete structures in seconds, from standard building shapes used in industry (platforms, steel halls), to more complex models, such as office buildings or structures with curved roofs, in seconds.

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Curved roof


Tapered Beam

Single-Storey, one bay

Single-Storey, two bays

Single-Storey, multiple bays

Multi-Storey, one bay

Multi-Storey, two bays

Multi-Storey, multiple bays

The Stairs module in Graitec Advance PowerPack is highly versatile, using standard frames that can be easily edited and customized for specific requirements – either it’s a particular building plan or design or even narrow spaces. This tool contains all necessary elements to assemble straight or balanced stairs, with one, two or three flights.

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Automatic Stair Design & Ergonomics

Automatically determine the rise, going, or a number of treads, all within stairway requirement ranges, and assuring the overall stair’s geometry. The graphical results indicate if the stair is comfortable or not.

Customizable Landings

Choose a landing support structure, by adding ribs or a frame or even extend stringers to boundaries, in order to split the landing plate.

Customizable Treads

There are plenty of tread types to choose from, to complement the stair’s functionality: standard or folded plate treads, with closed or open risers, grating treads with endplates, or even special parts to accommodate treads from different manufacturers.

Straight Stairs – One flight

Straight Stairs – Two flights

Straight Stairs – Three flights

Balanced Stairs – One flight

Balanced Stairs – Two flights

Balanced Stairs – Three flights

* The GRAITEC Stairs module is part of the Advance PowerPack for Autodesk® Advance Steel® and is available with the Premium Package – for more details about our packages, please click here.

The Graitec Railings module introduces increased flexibility to extend work results. The software delivers a professional 3D model display and enables defining new railings starting from points, lines or beams.

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Split Railings

Cut rails in accordance with the indicated post or wall bracket, for further welding, mechanically assembling with internal joints (tube to tube connection) or user-defined external sleeves.

Different Ending Types

Set a generous range of extension shapes at the rail’s ends, independently configuring the start and end, having also the possibility to add cover components like cap plates.

Special Parts

Various rail components can be added or customized from a specialized manager, when using bought-ready supplier assemblies: key clamp systems, glass clamps, wall rail brackets, ending caps.

Standard Railings

The module enables defining new railings starting from points, lines, or beams.

Ball Post Railings

Ball Post Railings create a railing system based on industry standards or to bespoke configurations.

Double Post Railings

Double post railings are defined according to the length and height of the area where they will be placed.

Wall-mounted Railings

Wall-mounted railings can be positioned in the left or right part of the reference element.

Key clamp Railings

Key clamp railings are a new alternative to the classic welded rails, which need no welding and no special assembling tools.

Infill panels

The panels can be welded to posts or connected through clamps, available in the existing library, or create user-defined fittings.

GRAITEC Advance Powerpack for Autodesk Advance Steel - Fixing lugs

Fixing lugs

The fixing lugs connections for panel allow the on-site connection of railing shop sub-assemblies without exploding the macro.

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* The GRAITEC Railings module is part of the Advance PowerPack for Autodesk® Advance Steel® and is available with the Premium Package – for more details about our packages, please click here.

Export model/section to IGES/STEP

Export an entire model or selected parts to an IGES or STEP format.

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Export model/section to ACIS

Export an entire model or selected parts to a 3D solid (ACIS) format.

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Explode Drawings and Dimensions

Explode Advance Steel drawings with dimensions to AutoCAD drawings and dimensions.

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Export model/section PDF 3D

Export an entire model or selected parts to a PDF 3D file.

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Cloud Link

Link Advance Steel to various cloud services to publish and share drawings, models and materials list.

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Advance Workshop Link

Link Advance PowerPack for Advance Steel to Advance Workshop to retrieve fabrication data.

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Free Trial

Check Status

Displays the fabrication status by color in Autodesk Advance Steel.

MBS Import

Import Metal Buildings System files in Graitec Advance PowerPack for Advance Steel.


GRAITEC Advance Powerpack for Autodesk Advance Steel - Synchronization mechanism

Synchronization mechanism

Synchronize changes from the design model on the detailing model and control every change independently using the GTCX file format.

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GRAITEC Advance Powerpack for Autodesk Advance Steel - Fixing lugs

GRAITEC Advance Powerpack for Autodesk Advance Steel - Synchronization mechanism