For all professionals using PowerPack for Autodesk Advance Steel®


 Professional SteelYes Advanced set of tools to Power Autodesk Advance Steel® and Autodesk Revit® + Professional Support
 Premium SteelYes Dedicated for Steel projects, including Stairs & Railings, Steel Connections and Frame Modelling tools + Professional support
 UltimateYes Includes Premium Concrete and Premium Steel
 Steel Design ExtensionYes Adds Steel design capabilities     GRAITEC Advance Design logo


Premium and Ultimate packages of the Advance PowerPack for Advance Steel can be extended further with the Steel Design Extension (Powered by Graitec Advance Design) enabling the automatic design and detailing for steel connections according to Eurocodes.

All AEC dedicated packages are additive: Premium includes Professional Steel, Professional Steel includes Professional, Professional includes Standard… Join Graitec, use our solution and upgrade depending on your projects and your needs!

Multi Joint Edit
Spiral polyline
Spiral folded plate
Helical polyline
Helical folded plate
Glass data
Define panels
Insert glass
Folded plate extender
Lifting lugs/holes
Platform cover - all connections
Glass list - all Countries
Special Part Manager
Beam, repeated
Beam, continuous
Beam, lengthen
Castellated beam
Corrugated beam
Cellular beam
Beam with openings
Spiral straight beam
Spiral poly beam
Helical straight beam
Helical poly beam
Steadmans Z sections
Thomas Panels Z sections
Steel Sections Z sections
Kingspan SBS Cee Floor Section
Plates general - all connections
Beam to beam - all connections
Connections for compounds - all connections
Bracings - all connections
Purlins - all connections
Platform cover - all connections
Connecting elements - all connections
Contour processing - all connections
COLD Rolled - Purlin Connection
COLD Rolled - Non continuous purlin connection
COLD Rolled - Anti Sag
Structure DESIGNER
Straight Stairs - One flight
Straight Stairs - One flight with landing
Straight Stairs - Two flights - L
Straight Stairs - Two flights - U
Straight Stairs - Two flights - Z
Straight Stairs - Three flights - U
Straight Stairs - Three flights - Z
Balanced Stairs - One flight
Balanced Stairs - Two flights
Balanced Stairs - Three flights - U
Balanced Stairs - Three flights - Z
Ball post
Key Clamps
Double Post
Railing connection
Import GTCX
Export GTCX
MBS Import
Cloud Link
Export to IGES (Parts and model)
Export to STEP (Parts and model)
Export to PDF
Export to ACIS (Parts and model)
Export to Block (Parts and model)
Export NC and SMLX generation
Explode Drawings
Explode Details
Check MP
Check SP
Check parts
Synchronization ★★
Check Status
Clear marking
Kingspan Create CAM
Kingspan CAM Data
Graitec Gold Technical Support

Must have features

★★New in Release 2022



Click here to download the PDF file containing Advance PowerPack for Autodesk® Advance Steel® Packages.

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