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The Railings module available in Graitec Advance PowerPack for Autodesk® Advance Steel introduces increased flexibility to extend your work results. The software delivers a professional 3D model display and enables defining new railings on any object, without taking into account the restrictions imposed by Autodesk® Advance Steel, which requires a support beam in order to allow defining a new railing. The module enables defining new railings starting from points, lines, or beams.




Moreover, the module brings a noticeable boost of flexibility to Autodesk® Advance Steel by introducing the possibility to choose a specific position for each post by selecting definition posts alone a line. This means that no more posts will be automatically placed by the software formula in inconvenient places, thus making you save precious time otherwise spent on correcting these mistakes.

Types of railings

The Railings module offers five different types of customizable railings and even infill panels available in the software library.

The Railings module available in Graitec Advance PowerPack for Autodesk® Advance Steel enables defining new railings starting from points, lines, or beams. The "Standard Railing" command offers the possibility to create a railing on any type of Advance Steel object, including an AutoCAD line. The connection with the support is also included and can be configured by the user including seating the posts directly on the treads.

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Rapidly develop all aspects of ball post railings on straight, curved lines or elements, modify kick rail features, adjust post layouts, and even fine-tune the post connection as required.

Ball Post Railing creates a railing system based on industry standards or to bespoke configurations. Several supplier's libraries are pre-configured and you can edit, save, and build libraries to suit any configuration for any region.

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The wall-mounted railing type in the Stair and Railing Designer is simple and easy to create. This railing is specially designed to be mounted on a wall, or even on wooden posts.

Wall-mounted railings have no connection with the treads or with the stringer of the stair; they are connected to the walls they are attached to. This makes it very easy to configure, edit, and customize many of the parameters, such as connector or connection type and properties.

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Double post railings have a modern look and are defined according to the length and height of the area where they will be placed. Instead of a single element used as a post, double post railings are composed of two elements, usually two flats. The two elements can be connected to each other with welded plates or bolts.

New types of connection allow the middle rail of the double post rail to be defined as continuous, and the posts will have holes, allowing the continuous rail to pass.

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Key clamp rails are a new alternative to the classic welded rails, which brings many advantages.

  No welding is necessaryso no qualified labor force is required 

  No special tools are needed for assembling 

  The flexible system can be mounted fast and easy on different site variations 

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Infill Panels

The standard railings command comes with an option that will certainly increase the safety, functionality, and aesthetic value of your structures.

Infill panels can be welded to posts or connected through clamps, available in the existing library, or create user-defined fittings. Design an infill panel with the aid of pickets or plates, which can be made of any type of material available, including glass. The transition of the infill panels from straight to slope is beautifully managed, as the panels are automatically shaped accordingly to your needs.

  1. Panels made from pickets, for which you can choose between:
    •   Unframed panel (pickets created between two middle rails)
    •   Framed panel (pickets created inside a frame)
  2. Panels made from plates - two possibilities are also available
    •   Unframed panel
    •   Framed panel
  3. Panels made from gratings. with the same features


Other features of the Railings module available in Graitec Advance PowerPack for Autodesk® Advance Steel include Split railings, a wide range of ending types for railings, and a Special Parts manager.

Cut rails in accordance with the indicated post or wall bracket, using the Split railings option, for further welding, mechanically assembling with internal joints (tube to tube connection) or user-defined external sleeves.

Set a generous range of extension shapes at the rail’s ends, independently configuring the start and end, having also the possibility to add cover components like cap plates.

Various rail components can be added or customized from a specialized manager when using bought-ready supplier assemblies: key clamp systems, glass clamps, wall rail brackets, ending caps, ball-post balls, grab connectors, and treads. The manager gathers all the necessary settings for the users to add and customize a producer or non-standard special part in the database, specific for Railing connections. The type of special part (component) is linked to the joint – once added in the Special parts manager, the special parts will become available inside the joint, under the specific component.

The following components can be customized:

  •   Glass clamps
  •   Key clamps
  •   Ball post

There’s no doubt that Graitec Advance PowerPack for Autodesk® Advance Steel - Railing module is one of the most complex productivity-driven tools on the market, being equipped with innovative solutions that can generate a broad variety of stairs and railings enabling a high level of customization in order to fit in any site.


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