Balanced Stairs

Create, simulate and manage stairs projects


Design balanced stairs using the Stairs module, available with Graitec Advance PowerPack for Autodesk® Advance Steel. Balanced stairs offer versatile possibilities, are quickly configurable, guarantying complete safety, and also playing an important aesthetic role. This category of stairs is represented by the lack of platforms; instead, the curves are simulated by polygonal steps, connected with the straight ones, an assembly that forms a balanced stair.




Balanced stairs are designed and placed by opting for the use of the inner and outer stringers, but also the option of attaching them directly to the wall of resistance.

Balanced stairs provide utility when they are in narrow spaces, and the lack of a platform facilitates their placement, suitable for commercial spaces or personal houses, they bring more benefits and have a considerable architectural appearance.

Available balanced stairs

One flight

Create a single flight balanced stair in three easy and quick steps: Select the starting point in XY plane and then the second point in order to define the length and height of the stair. After these, choose an alignment.

A specific factor is a possibility of having balanced stairs at the beginning and the end’s flight.

Two flights

Create an L – shaped balanced stair with two flights in four clicks: three to select the starting point, the turning point, and the ending point of the stair. A final click will define the height.

Polygonal steps replace the “standard” platform when changing direction.

Three flights

Z shape - with three flights can be easily created with the same 5 quick clicks.

The major advantage of this stair type is its architectural form, being a staircase with all three ramps in different directions.

Three flights

U – shaped balanced stairs with three flights can be created in 5 easy clicks to better suit the space you have and the architecture in which you frame the stairs:

- one to define the starting point, two for the turning points (which give the stair its typical U shape), one for the finishing point, and one for the height of the stair.

Available stringers

Stringers are also featured, for stairs with open sides, between two walls or against a wall. The stringers can easily be adjusted from the dialog box, regardless of type (either open or closed), and can be made from plates of beams. For each type of stringer selected, there is an option to have it on the left, right or both sides of the stairs, depending on the type, shape, or space it is required.

Open stringer made from beams

Open stringers made from plates

Closed stringer made from beams

Closed stringer made from plates

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